Large Chanel Boy in black, red or creme?! Help!


Mar 10, 2012
Vancouver, Canada
Im choosing between these three Chanel boy in large,
Black, red and creme all in distressed gold hardware.
I'd like to use this purse as a semi-everyday purse.
I love all three colors but the creme and red concern me when it comes to matching my wardrobe, the creme also worries me with its possibility for color-transfering. As for the black, it's a little ordinary(?)
Please help me with picking the color, thank you so much!!!:smile:

Please go to this tumblr, the first post has all the pictures:

Sorry, I have no other ways of sharing pictures. Thank you!!:biggrin::biggrin:
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Aug 27, 2010
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Hi Hun, I posted the link for all the pictures. Thank you!
Oh, yeah! Thanks dear!!!! :biggrin:
My... my... all are to die for!!!!
Can you have all three? Just kidding!
The beige is gorgeous but as you mention for an everyday bag, I think it's too light to endure regular use... my vote would be either red or black...
red is spicy!! but then again are you okay with using it regularly? (Sometimes it's kinda hard to go with certain outfit... hahaha... honestly even I disagree with this statement... yes you can wear a chanel with anything, anywhere..)
black may seem boring but truthfully it's very sassy and can easily be a regular bag that can fit any kind of style at the same time be maintenance free. You don't have to worry about color transfer, dirts or stains that can always be a risk for an everyday bag.... :graucho:
Black boy is anything but boring... look at those details!!!!


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Sep 7, 2010
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I think the black is most versatile and is far from boring in the Boy style!

The creme color is dreamy, but for every day, I'd be too afraid of color transfer.
Dec 14, 2012
I think black is always classic, BUT if you are already worried about it being boring, it's not worth convincing yourself.

I'm not a cream person at all......I too worry about color transfer or just day to day activities.

The red goodness it is stunning! I think it looks very funky with the distressed GHW and is a statement by itself that will compliment any outfit


Jun 9, 2008
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Buy the color that you will use/wear. I think we often try to talk ourselves out of black when it is what we actually use/reach for on a daily basis. Good Luck with your decision!


Mar 10, 2012
Vancouver, Canada
I have a black 2.55 in lambskin but since it's small I cannot wear it as a semi-everyday bag. I recently lost my black givenchy nightingale, I now have purses in cameo, grey, orange and deep red (besides my black flap)

Most of my friends claimed the creme is beautiful and outstanding... Anyone has experiences with creme calf leather? Is it easier to take care of than lambskin?


Mar 10, 2012
Vancouver, Canada
Haha very true. My current to-go bag is prada saffiano in cameo I think this is why I think I can get away with light colors such as creme, but again saffiano leather is far more durable than others! Thanks for pointing it out :smile::woohoo: