Large Chamois Edith Available

  1. Was at NM in Troy, MI this weekend and there was a Large Chamois Edith and Natural Python Silverado available:love:. Call Lisa at (248) 635-8442.
  2. Gahhhh..if only I wasnt broke :sad:
  3. Large Chamois Edith available online NOW at BG & NM.
  4. You gotta be kidding me?!?!
  5. It's not there anymore... Boy, that was quick.
  6. I think it is still available at NM with Lisa if you are interested. They never seem to stay too long on line.
  7. I am still showing the large Chamois online at BG. Or maybe it is back again? I am holding 2 in my cart for anyone who needs 1.
  8. It popped back up a minute ago and I got it!! This MIGHT mean that my Chamois that will arrive tomorrow wil go back. I'll have to wait until I have both before I decide. =)
  9. So did you get a medium and a large to decide between?
  10. Yep! I fondled the large at South Coast Plaza last weekend and fell in LOVE with this particular bag. It was cut from a softer piece of leather than my Whiskey or any of the Ediths I've seen and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it. It was gone when I called last night so today I've been on the prowl. So this will mean I'll have an extra if anyone here is desperate! I won't want to return the medium to my Saks guy and as of this moment I think I'll keep the large (from BG)--but that could change!
  11. Ok, I followed that except for not wanting to return the one to the Saks guy - he was too nice? You would feel guilty??;)
  12. chic - Daisy's whiskey is really pretty if you end up with a chucky!

    EDIT - Oops, I just saw you have 2 chamois' coming! I thought you meant get rid of whiskey!
  13. I like the Edith. But, it's not my style. Mainly, I dislike the dark colors of the Edith. If it came in blue, I'd sooo buy it. I want a nice summer-y color. Anyway, which pythin Silverado are you talking about? I have a Chloe Silverado. Is it this one? If not, please tell me! I'm into python this season for some reason. I stocked up on Dolce & Gabbana and True Religion python trimmed jeans.

  14. ^^^ The Edith does come in a blue, turquoise in fact. You should check it out, it's absolutely gorgeous! Unless you meant the large style, which they don't make. The medium turquoise may be very hard to locate though. Not sure.
  15. Did she post pictures?

    ps... don't even mention another chucky, lol!