Large Chain Horsebit Guccissima... please help

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  1. I've only seen it in Chocolate in the stores and on the gucci website.

    I'm looking for the large chain horsebit in BLACK GUCCISSIMA.

    Any idea how I can get my hands on one? I will follow through on ALL suggestions :smile:
  2. Call your local Gucci store and see if the SA can find you one.
  3. I have yet to see one anywhere. Call any store and ask if they make one or contact
  4. Thanks ladies. A member from the Netherlands posted today that she has a large chain horsebit in Black guccissima. That's why I asked.
  5. Funny story (kind of)... I called the new Gucci store in the Beverly Center. The manager Jen answered the phone. She is EXTREMELY nice. I asked about the black Guccissima. She said that it's NOT sold in the U.S.... yet... but, of course, should they ever get one in she would call and let me know.

    The very next day she left me a voice message telling me that, although it pains her to send business elsewhere, it appears that the Neimans and Saks wholesale buyers have bought the larger chain hobo in black guccissima for their stores. She suggested I called either Saks or Neimans and have them look into it because they are definitely getting them.

    I called my favorite Gucci SA, Marsha, at Saks and asked. She said, "uh... not that I know of" and she looked at her fall look book. Nothing. I called Neimans... same story.

    The Neimans SA asked, "how would a Gucci manager know what we bought for our store??" He was actually funny.

    Oh well... THE SEARCH IS STILL ON......