Large Carly...What to do? What to do?

Aug 14, 2007
Ok ladies...

I was supposed to be on a ban until January but when I received the new catalog in the mail, I fell in love with the large Carly in Khaki/Beet. I tried to talk myself out of it by reasoning that I had enough bags and should just enjoy those for now but I couldn't get it out of my head. Just out of curiosity, I phoned the two Coach stores that are in my area. I was secretly hoping that they wouldn't have them so that I could just reason that it wasn't meant to be. One of the stores was sold out but the other store had one left (in addition to display one).
SO.... I drove down last night to see it, hoping I would hate it IRL. I LOVED it! I ended up buying it for fear that I wouldn't ever see it again. Now I feel incredible guilt. My DH is telling me to just enjoy the bag but I can't get over the fact that I have bought WAY too many bags in the last three months.
So....what do you all think? Should I keep it and enjoy it or should I return it and stay strong on my ban. I really thought I could make it till January but that bag was just calling my name. What would you do?


C'est la vie!
Sep 20, 2007
Wellington, FL
If its a bag that you really love and you could see yourself using it alot (not just a special occasion bag) then keep it!!! I've made plenty of mistakes passing something up and then regretting it later. Good luck deciding!!


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Aug 20, 2007
I've had the same buyer's remorse feeling - but if you love it, then you can't let it pass you by! Enjoy the bag and just make yourself not buy anything else for a takes willpower but you can do it!


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Aug 2, 2006
I feel your pain... I have not imposed a ban on myself, but I have spent way too much money on bags and even though I have sold/returned most of them, I have only been trying to have 1 or 2 bags, because I just don't switch. I love love love my Chelsea hobo and have had the carly a couple of times :rolleyes: but I just saw the carly in khaki/beet and fell in instant love. It took a LOT to walk away from it.. but I did it.. then I dreamed about it.. then I have thought about it every dang day since.. when I looked online it was only in 2 stores and then yesterday I looked and it was only at 1 store.. so what did I do? Called and ordered it, of course!!!! :wtf: That is a gorgeous bag... I just love the pop of color.. so I say keep it, especially if your dh says so.. and enjoy it! That is what I am going to do, all too often I have remorse for spending so much and end up not enjoying the bag because I can't believe how much money I have spent. So live it up, now go on ban a little longer!!! :yes:
PS POST PICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :yes: :drool: :yes:


Jul 25, 2007
Yup, if you cant stop thinking about a bag (especially one as lovely and seasonless as the Carly), then its definitely a keeper!


Jun 27, 2007
Carly is just too pretty to walk away from...I know cause she got me too!
I say keep it if you can afford it...if not, then take her back and continue the ban:crybaby:


Peace, Love, Coach
Jun 1, 2007
You are asking at the wrong place if you want honestly constructive opinions. Of course we're going to say KEEP HER!!! Especially if DH is giving you the blessing! I love Carly...and you will too :tup:


Mar 29, 2007
If your DH says you should enjoy it, you should take his advice. Be happy that you found your dream bag and that he supports you! Any guilt you feel about it is completely wasteful; don't ruin it for yourself!:tup:

Now, if you were spendin' your house payments, we'd be havin' a different conversation!:bagslap:

Enjoy it!


Jul 6, 2007
If you love it, and DH doesn't mind, then don't worry about it. I always feel guilty everytime I buy a new purse, which isn't very often, but I still feel guilty about it. I don't know why because my DH doesn't care. Most of the time he's the one telling me to buy it in the first place. If you love it, enjoy it. It is a beautiful bag!!
Aug 14, 2007
Thanks so much for all of your kind words are all enablers!:roflmfao::roflmfao:
Seriously though, I will be keeping her for now and do some serious thinking for the next week or so. I will post some modelling pics tomorrow so you can all give me your thoughts as to whether she suits me or not. Thanks again!