Large it too big?

  1. Ok Coach lovers I need your help please! A few days ago I bought the large Carly signature in the angora color. I LOVE it but.... am finding it a bit big. In the store I was there forever and could not decide on the medium sized or large. I ended up going with the large but am having second thoughts. My SA told me I could return it a few days later if I found it too big. I’m also worried that I will get the medium and find it too small for all my stuff. I’m so torn!! Please help me!! If you have the large Carly please give me some feedback. Thanks!:shrugs:
  2. Hi,

    I bought the large Carly in black trim during PCE and thought it was too big for my size. I am 4"11 and 105 lbs. So, I ordered the medium Carly in Khaki with the PCE discount. When it came, the medium looks too small for me. I didn't like how the bag touches my underarms. It was bothering me :hysteric: I wish they have the size in between. Anyway, I am keeping the large Carly. I love the slouchiness of it. It really depends on what you like and your feelings when using the bag. Goodluck. :girlsigh:
  3. I do find the large carly a bit too large but I love the way it looks. If I had to do it again I would probably have gone for the medium. I don't feel like going through the sell it and go get the medium game right now so I am just holding on to it.
  4. I bought the large Carly during PCE and loved it -- was actually wishing it was bigger!

    However, I returned it because I wanted something without all the hardware on it...
  5. I also wish the medium was just a LITTLE bit bigger... but I have had both and even though I am 5'10", I kept the medium... I just do NOT carry my life with me and the large was an overkill, no matter how tall I am!!!! The medium holds all my stuff and still has room to spare... I think height matters but it depends a lot on what you carry and what you like. I love the medium though. :yes:
  6. Thanks so much for all the wonderful advice! I think I'm going to keep the large. I agree dimpsogre, I didn't like the way the medium touched my arm pit, and I love the slouchiness of the large as well. Thanks so much... I knew you ladies would help me out!
  7. I have both right now, and I love the large. I think you've made a good decision though. Honestly, I don't think the medium is big enough, and it is pretty bulky underneath my underarm when I wear it. I think the Carly style is probably more for ppl like me who like to carry luggage-type bags....haha! It's an awesome bag! Enjoy!
  8. I have a large Carly and I love the size. I also like the way it slouches better in the large size. I tend to carry alot so it is the perfect size for me.
  9. Unfortunately for me it was too big. I mean it was perfect for all of my things but it just looks a little overwhelming on. Plus I cant keep it on my shoulder. Bummer.:s
  10. I think part of what you MAY be feeling of it under your armpit is if you haven't taken out the stuffing and put your stuff in it.. it will slouch.. but I do agree, if you think the large is best for you, then keep it! :tup: Everyone has different taste and different things they carry with them, so what works for one may not work for another. ;)
  11. Thanks again ladies!!!!
  12. I agree after getting the medium chocolate signature Carly, I now wish I had gotten the bigger one. But if there was an in between size that would be even more perfect. For the record, I am 5'7" and around 150 #
  13. I originally bought the large denim Carly and found it was just a little too big for me - but WAY too heavy. So I exchanged it for the medium. I still find it to be really heavy, but size-wise it's better. But I do wish the medium was just a liiiiiiiiittle bit bigger.

    I think it all just depends on how much you carry with you and decide if you need the medium or large? Will all your things fit in a medium? If so, maybe that's the way to go.
  14. x2. I had a talk with my SA about this and she agreed too.

  15. ITA I wish the medium was just a titch bigger! The large is huge!!! There needs to be an inbetween!! :hysteric: