Large Carly in Signature or Leather - which is "better"?


Which Carly do you like better?

  1. Black leather

  2. khaki with black trim

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  1. I tried on the large carly this weekend and fell in love with the size, comfort and function.:heart: This truly is a versatile bag that I can see carrying for a long time.

    Problem is I just cannot decide between the all black leather or the khaki signature with black trim. I don't like the black signature with black trim because it seems like it would attract a lot of pet hair. For those who own either or both, which do you think is better and why? I'm not very familiar with coach products, but the leather seems a bit soft, like it might scratch easily and not wear very well over time.

    Any advice would be super helpful. Thank you
  2. I have been trying to decide this very thing.:heart:
    I think I have come to the following (with help from some of the ladies here): 1. The leather wears very nice and is easy to care for.
    2. Signature is a bit lighter than the Leather.
    3. Khaki/Black is classy yet casual and comfortable.
    4. Black leather is a classic.

    I have decided on the Signature Khaki/Black, I like the flexability. I have other Coach black leather bags if I needed something more dressy.:wlae:

    Good luck and let us know what you decide....and of course we love pictures.:drool:
  3. I voted for the signature b/c I am a signature girl! The leather bags are nice, but for my lifestyle of being a SAHM, having 2 children, and running all around the universe w/ them, signature just seems the way to go for's easier to maintain than leather (you dont have to pre-treat it or treat it at all), stains come off easily w/ Coach signature cleaner, and it's MUCH lighter than the leather bags I have had in the past. I DO own 2 Coach leather bags right now that I would NOT give up for anything in the world b/c I LOVE them, but given the choice, I prefer signature hands down!!!!
  4. I love the signature but on the large carly and the large c's on the khaki it really stands out.. a bit much for my taste, but it is still a beautiful bag. :tup: I have never tried on the leather. I honestly think both are great and it is just up to you and what you want to do to maintain and how heavy you want the bag. Let us know what you decide and be sure and post pics! :yes:
  5. I am also a signature girl. I love my large khaki/saddle Carly.
  6. I have the black signature carly and I have no problem of cat or dog hair being attracted to it. It holds up really well. I love the black signature and the carly. Great combo.
  7. I like the leather better. I don't like to shout what brand I'm carrying with their logo everywhere. My teenage daughters, however, love the logo's. I am thinking about a 2nd carly in black leather also.
  8. Khaki/black! I have Carly in all 3 sizes and I LOVe the color!
  9. The leather is a richer looking bag, but the khaki is lower maintenance...tough decision! What about the black on black Carly?
  10. SIG all the way. For the large size, I think sig would be lighter in weight. Sig is also easier to maintain and take care of IMO. I have a bag in the chocolate sig which is dark and I don't find it a problem with pet hair. I vote black sig or khaki sig with black trim. beautiful!
  11. I agree that signature would be lighter to carry but I also find that the signature on the large Carly is a little too much for me. It looks good on others in their pics but when I try it on, it just seems too loud or something. The other problem I find with the khaki signature is colour transfer from my jeans and denim jacket. I get that on my camel leather large Carly, too, but I just wipe it off with a baby wipe. It doesn't come off my sig bags as easily.

    I wouldn't worry about fur on the black signature, though. I have a black sig Mandy and a yellow lab-cross who sheds like crazy and I haven't had any problem with fur on the bag. It doesn't stick to it like it does to, say, black pants or something.

  12. Is this a common problem with signature fabric?
  13. I have had MANY signature bags over the past few years (mostly khaki b/c that's my favorite color) and I have NEVER had this problem, thankfully! I DO wear jeans almost EVERYDAY being a SAHM too...hope that helped!!!!
  14. Black leather
  15. Black leather all the way because it is a bit less overdone and more unusual to encounter it in leather. Either way you choose you can't make a mistake!