Large Carly....I couldn't chance it

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  1. I really really really want a large signature Carly in kahki and saddle. I tried to get it at the boutique last week but they were already sold out everywhere. They told me that they would be available for order on April 7th. So I have been watching online as the availability date was moved back from the 7th, to the 12th, to the 26th.... when is it going to end????? I called Coach today and backordered it directly so the first available will ship out to me. She said there were so many backordered that she wasn't sure when the boutiques would even get a shipment. So much for my next PCE invite - but at least I'll get my least I'm pretty sure I'll get my Carly.....pray for me......;)
  2. *crossing fingers* I hope ya get it, it's such a beautiful bag.
  3. I thought momentarily about ordering the Cotton signature Carly in chocolate - but the reality is that with two little grimey kids and my coffee sloshing problem - I'll never be able to keep it clean. At least kahki signature is already the color of sloshed coffee.
  4. i pray that you do get it!

    it's a tough bag to get (now) and what bags we do get in the signature, we seem to sell out of, with the exception of the pouches..those don't go as fast

    and did you see the wristlets? they had one in angora trim..:sad: my store never even got the bag version! although they did had it it was for special order and flagships :p but that color is gorgeous as well

    let us know what happens!
  5. I wasn't fond of the Carly until literally 5 minutes ago looking through some photos of it on here. Now I want one! Guess it'll have to wait.
  6. I hope you get it.
  7. itll happen, youll get your carly!!! just be patient, the bag is worth the wait!
  8. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    And Ms. Whitney, I LOVE the Carly wristlets. I'm kind of on a self-imposed ban right now, so I'm trying to stay away from the boutique, but I know if I happen to wander into one anytime soon, a Carly wristlet will be mine . . .