large carly for a diaper bag?!!!

  1. Is the large carly a good baby bag?! Lol i don't want to lug around 2 bags.. I love huge purses but idk if this will fit all my needs plus diapers and whatnot..Any mommies out there sport a coach bag for a baby bag?! Responses appreciated :] xoxo :graucho:
  2. I have no experience with diaper bags... but I don't think carly would be very good as a diaper bag... I have the large black sig and even though she can fit a TON because she isn't very structured I find that finding things inside of her is somewhat of a challenge sometimes (not to mention that the lining is dark grey.. so I practically need a flashlight sometimes lol) just my two cents :shame:
  3. I think it depends on what you will be putting in the bag. I think if you still use bottles then a Carly wouldn't be good. The Carly is just too slouchy for that and you will end up with a mess.

    If you just need to throw some diaper and wipes in there I think it would be ok

    I use the large sig stripe tote. I like it.. I put a purseket in there and it can hold a bottle on each side, wipes, diapers, little formula holder thing.. snacks.. bib.. and other baby items.. and a wristlet for me!!

    The only thing I dont like too much is the open top, but I havent had a problem with it.. nothing falling out etc.

    I hope you find something you like!
  4. :nogood:Way too slouchy, things tend to get lost. A structured bag is so much better as a diaper bag.
  5. I second that. Because of its very slouchy style especially for a large size, it could be pretty messy inside although it's really gorgeous from outside.
    The Hamptons carryall is a really beautiful bag and a good size to organize your baby stuffs in my opinion.:p
  6. Yep. Completely agree. And this may be heresy to say on this board but I think you'll be best served by looking at the Land's End diaper bags. I have a small one and a large one and they are GREAT!!!!
  7. I think a Carly could be great, but you would want a purseket or something similar to go in it. I don't use my Carly as a diaper bag, but it is so organized with the purseket!! All the pockets could easily be used for baby things!

    This is the Large Carly with a Large Purseket!!
  8. where do you buy these pursekits? never heard of them, and how much are they? thanks!
  9. I got my purseket off of e-bay for $24 shipped, I think.

    They have a website:

    It really helps keep it from slouching too much. I also find that it helps distribute the weight over the entire bag so it doesn't pull too much in one spot. I picked out a light fabric to lighten up the interior so things would be easier to find.
  10. I had the same question here a few days before. I don't want to carry the diaper bag + my bag so I just carry the diaper bag and a wristlet, but I want to be able to carry more things with me but just in one bag! So I bought the Hamptons Large Carryall and I have so much space there! I just received yesterday but I try already everything there and I can put two diapers, two bottles, one dispenser for formula, my wristlet, cosmetics, baby clothes, etc.
    I like the Carly but I think this one is better for what I need.
  11. Would the Large fit good inside of the Large Leather Shoulder Totes from Last year????
  12. I have a 4 year old & 2 year old..and a large carly. I'll throw 1 or 2 diapers in there (for my toddler) * some wipes as far as sippy cups no way..its too slouchy.
    It depends how much you need to carry i suppose.
  13. I have a bag similar to the Carly (my Carly is still wrapped up on my closet waiting for my birthday) that I use as a diaper bag... I keep all of my baby things in two large ziploc bags (change of clothes, bottles, pacifer, diapers, wipes, etc.). Since the bottles and formula are in a smaller ziploc pouch everything is waterproof and easy to find. Than I cram it full of my own stuff- ipod, wallet, phone, makeup, scarf, hairbrush, etc.
  14. I think if you used a purseket in it, it would work great. you'd have pockets for our small items, and bottles would fit into the larger pockets, Also the purseket would keep the carly standing and in shape.
  15. I agree. A Carly never would have worked for me when my kids were smaller. My youngest is now 3 and I am relieved to be back to carrying "me" bags, but even with waterproof bags a Carly would have been a black hole of a mess for me with baby things!