Large Cambon Tote Black on Black NOT Patent?

  1. Has anyone seen a large Cambon tote in black on black (not patent)anywhere? I have just decided that I love this bag:idea: , but am I out of luck? Additionally, do you think that if I got it in the black on black with patent cc's do you think it would look dated quickly?
  2. I think the monochromatic will outlast the contrasting CCs:yes:
  3. I've seen it in some places but really, black, no matter what it's made of, is usually more long lasting than other colors. However, if you love a piece, it will never look dated, in your eyes :smile:
  4. I have the black on black Cambon Bowler (non-patent) and I am glad I chose it over the black/black patent. I think it will never look outdated.
  5. I think it will be a great choice.
  6. I was on the fence about this when I purchased my Cambon tote. I chose the patent because it stood out just a little bit more than the regular black CC's. I really don't think you can go wrong with either one.
  7. iluvhandbags, sorry I can't help with your original question, but I just wanted to add that I have the non-patent black-on-black tote and also feel it will be timeless. The patent is a close second, however!

    Good luck in your search! :smile:
  8. Yeah, I would say the monochramatic will be a timeless classic.
  9. I agree - I did the same. I do favor patent but you really can't go wrong. And I think they are out there. Maybe try calling the 800 number...