Large Cambon flap bag

  1. I am dying for one of these, has anyone seen one? its the large cambon tote with a large flap at the top and the cc logo at closure...anyone know what I am talking about? It was about $1800 retail I believe..THANKS
  2. oh we know!:yes:

    I haven't seen one in ages though :sad:
  3. oh i love to have this one too! in black!
  4. i think it is jill that has one!
    i tried it at the stoer before
    it was awesome!
  5. I have this bag. I had gotten it on sale last year when it was marked way down to something like $750.00 (I have a picture in the Cambon Reference thread).

    The retail was $1,750.00 I believe (close to $1,800.00) The only place I have seen them recently is eBay.

  6. OH I WOULD KILL FOR THIS BAG!!! ERR! if anyone knows where I could get one let me know:drool: