Large Bucket vs Cabas Piano

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  1. Do you all think they would hold the same amount of stuff? I just want a workbab to tote my lunch, agenda, and a few xtras
  2. I'm also trying to figure out which bag will function best for work. I'm considering Batignolles Vertical, Cabas Piano, or Saleya MM. I personally don't care for the Large Bucket-if you are short it hits in an odd place-almost hip length.
  3. I would go with the Cabas Piano....I think it is much more appealing that the Large bucket.

    It will carry what you need it to as well.
  4. I have the petit bucket and the cabas piano and I prefer the CP! I am always checking inside the bucket to see if everything is still there as I am worried something might drop out. :sweatdrop:
    The CP bag can hold a lot of stuff, but possibly the large bucket might hold a bit more. The only thing I like about the bucket is the pochette you get with it. I normally place that on top of all my stuff, and that sorta acts as a little barrier with it being attached to the bag via a chain.
    Also I think the CP is more comfortable to wear. :yes:

  5. Cp!
  6. i'll much prefer the cabas.
    i hate the look of the bucket...
  7. I will go the other way and choose the bucket. I have the petite and I adore it.....I am one of the odd ones that actually prefer an open top!
  8. Of those two, I prefer the look of a piano. I like the petit bucket though, just the large one is waaaaaaaay big looking imho. I have a bv and it's great if you are interested, a nice updated looking lv that holds quite a bit but when it's not completely filled doesn't sit weird kwim?
  9. i will take a look at the BV
  10. I'd go w/ the Cabas Piano
  11. Cabas gets my vote
  12. ...I love big [bags] and I cannot lie...

    I dunno... that bootie song always gets into my head.

    I love my LARGE bucket!
    It's my shopping/work/school tote. Stuff it to no end!
    I'm 5'2" and it is perfect with my 3" heels.
    Without heels, it's still cute, just looks HUGE.

    I like the CP too, but some times ya gotta change it up a little and go topless... I mean, with no closed top.

    But choose whatever works for you. Both are beautiful bags!
  13. i don't like the bucket in any size. i'd say the cabas, since it looks a little more refined than the bucket...
  14. Large bucket would hold more than the cabas piano...although cabas piano can hold a reasonable amount of stuff. I don't have either, but I've seen both in real life...the cabas piano is tiny, imho. Large bucket is large, but not overwhelming like some other big bags. I'd say get what fits your needs.
  15. The bucket would hold more, but I prefer the look of the cp.
    The BH would might be a good option....