Large Bows

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  1. Has anyone ever had problems with the large bows on the Prada Wallets? I thought I read somewhere some have had them become unstuck (glue come away?) - asking as I am considering my next purchase........ :biggrin:
  2. oh gosh...i hope that doesn't happen to the one i just got!
  3. I am sure it will be fine, I just wanted to check as I thought there was a thread on here with issues about the bow? Just thought someone may remember. Quite likely Prada have fixed any issues anyway? It is a lovely wallet and I would love to own one myself, but thought it good to ask the question...........
    I baby my bags and wallets anyway ........ but always good to know if there are any weak spots.
  4. You're right, in the Prada Australia thread, one of the members posted a pic of her red bow coming unstuck. I can't remember what the resolution was, but the pictures did not make it look like a minor thing.
  5. Ahhhh yes, been looking for the thread .................still not found it.....
  6. i checked mine very closely with a flashlight and didnt see any glue marks! phew! the center back of the bow appears sewn onto the wallet. i couldnt see any white glue marks on the two ribbons. :smile:
  7. Awesome, that person must have just got a bad one? At least we know what to look for now ....... I shall be having another look at them in a couple of weeks time when I have saved up some more $$$ :graucho:
  8. I have this wallet as well. Mine kinda looks like the one in the picture in the other thread, but not as bad.
    It looks like it's just excess glue, instead of signs of the bow coming apart.
    I think Prada craftsmanship could be a lot worse. (The 1st wallet I received had misaligned logo) So this is pretty minor in comparison.
    Anyway, good luck and let's hope you get a good one!