Large Bowler from Nordstrom

  1. after days of trying to get the price-match deal, i FINALLY got the bag!!!! :yahoo: although i didn't get the matte black, i think i love this color even more! i located this bronze, had it sent to my local store and got honored the price-match by the manager. i'm really happy i got this bag and so glad that i got this over the matte black. i feel like dancing:party::cutesy::wlae::happydance::choochoo: thank you so much for your help thithi and abbYY:flowers:
    Picture 009.jpg
  2. Do you need some form of proof to get a price match at Nordstrom? I would anticipate that you do...right?

    I'd love to get my grubby hands on a bowler :love: .
  3. I'm so happy for you. I love that bag and I want it soooooo bad. I thought I wanted it in matte black but I saw it in the patent and I really loved it. I would just love to get one, period. Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Congrats on the new bag! Enjoy it!
  5. That is a gorgeous bag!!! I love it!! I'm so glad the deal worked out for you!! :yahoo:
  6. Congrats, glad everything worked out. Large is not overly big right? =)

    I'm only 5 ft so I can only do small-medium sized bags; Small is perfect for me. For taller ladies, Large is not overwhelming at all; pictures of some of our members prove that!!! =)
  7. suLi - yes, i had to provide my receipt from bloomys. i had printed them out before they cancelled on me so that was good. *phew*

    bag.lover - i'm only 5'1. small-med size usually look good on me. i prefer the medium sz of course but since the deal only applied to large, i just had to get it :smile: it looks significantly better on taller ladies such as mischa barton .. the large is big but it doesn't look weird on me. it's a great large bag :yes:
  8. Nat, the bag is BEAU-TI-FUL! The Bronze looks luxurious. I think you can easily pull this bag off with your height. Congratulations!

    As for the price match, I think it might be too latenow, I think the policy is 14 days?
  9. i'm not sure but marina was kind enough to give it to me for only $419+CA tax. she didn't even include the shipping rate. i was the best deal ever :smile:
  10. Wow, that purse is gorgeous. Glad that they were able to price match it for you. Congrats! It is a great deal.
  11. pretty bag! congrats on a great deal!
  12. ATTN: those who has a bronze or metallic marc jacobs. the color is starting to peel from the edges...does this also happen to you? i was warned before i got the bag but didn't know it will peel so quick. i've only used it 3 times and treat it carefully. i just hope it won't start peeling to the handles :sad:
  13. Wow, I love it! The color is sooo pretty! Congrats!
  14. Oh no! I wonder if there's something to apply that will protect it? You should check with your cobbler, or maybe call a MJ boutique and see what they recommend.
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