Large Botkier Bianca Satchel Way Too Big?

  1. There is a beautiful Bianca satchel - one large and one in small - in the color I want. I have not seen it in medium. I think the small would be too small but fear the large will be too large. Anyone have a large? Just how big is it? Modeling pics? Your help is appreciated!
  2. anyone? the auction is ending soon!
  3. I have two larges and love them! I just sold my medium because I thought it was too small.

    I'll go take a modeling pic...
  4. Here you go! Sorry, not very good. I'm at home trying to write a final paper, so I can't be bothered to put on real clothes:nogood:

    I'm 5'6" 115lb (maybe??? haven't checked in a while...) for reference
    DSC00136.JPG DSC00137.JPG DSC00138.JPG
  5. Oh, BTW that is the large in Gunmetal
  6. That's a very pretty bag.

    I wish it came in black with Silver hardware. But damn.....the one you're wearing is super sharp. And it's not as big as I thought.
  7. Thanks so much! I saved 'em so I could rotate them. It is big but it looks good. I hope I get it!