Large Boston I just bought it yeahhh!!!

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  1. There was someone else on this thread would recently bought the black boston with the gold hardware....who are you again??? Anyway I bought a green one with the gold hardware and bamboo..will get a pic up soon...wanted to know how much you paid to see if mine was the same price...I am in Canada so the prices tend to be higher...I love the bag...
  2. I have been looking for a black one but it's no longer avaiable. :censor: where did you get your? I wanna see pics!!!!!!!!!! Congrats!
  3. Hi there,

    I purchased mine at Holt Renfrew in Canada. I just went to the Gucci site and did not see it in green maybe they do not show all of the colours. It is my most expensive bag and Holt Renfrew is a reputable dealer...they are the Canadian version of Saks. Love it...
  4. hey gucccigal...

    Did you get the green guccisima on sale? Cuz I saw it on sale last week at HR!!

    Hope you did get it at a good discount! I believe it was somewhere between 40-60% off?

    I believe the black would be at regular price.. and it's totally gone in the states from what I'm reading on tPF...

    CONGRATS on the new bag! very classy!
  5. Can't wait to see pics - Congrats!!!
  6. Which Holt Renfrew did you see it at? How much was it selling for? It is a beautiful green guccisima with gold hardware.
  7. ohhh, i must not go to holt' soooooo poor from all the recent bag purchases!!!
  8. Check out the pics....I introduced the Boston to my other Gucci' Gucci family...enjoy:yahoo:
    2006_0816_154719AA.JPG 2006_0816_154742AA.JPG 2006_0816_161311AA.JPG 2006_0816_162546AA.JPG 2006_0816_172447AA.JPG 2006_0816_172556AA.JPG
  9. :happydance: me me me! :lol:

    sorry i didn't see this thread earlier :shame:
  10. When I saw the pics of your Boston I knew I wanted one..they are really nice..:smile:
  11. me too me too!!!! I reeeeeaaaaaalllllllly want one...but there are all gone! :sad: Congrats on your new looks adorable! Do you mind if I ask how much you paid for it? Was that the only color they had?
  12. I love it! Yeah, yeuxhonnetes has one in black and it's gorgeous!
  13. It's gorgeous Gucci Gal!! Congratulations!
  14. Thank you guys!!! It was the very last one. They had a brown and green from the same collection with a bamboo handle and a messenger style strap. I liked them but, I thought the Boston was a better design. The bag was originally 2099.00 and was on sale for 1399.00 plus taxes(canadian $). Does the bag obsession ever end? Help! Now I am eyeing the Britt messenger. I want the design with the two big GG with red and green inbetween, it is sharp. You have seen them posted on the thread and of course on the Gucci site. Also I still want an anniversary bag but, the one I have in mind is the canvas beige and brown hobo with leather trim. I do not have a canvas gucci and think they look classic and simple. I soo love Gucci. Gucci is the best retail therapy in the world.
  15. She is gorgeous! Congrats guccci gal!!!