large bleeker flap

  1. I LOVE the signature large bleeker flap in red...but I would also love to see some modeling pics of it..I know there are three different strap lenths that it can be worn with and I would just like to have a picture to see how it looks. I am currently drooling over the khaki signature one with the red leather....but before I make a decision I just need to see some picture...and maybe some of the inside too? Thanks so much gals!
  2. My large bleecker flap can only be worn over the shoulder - it is not the one that can be crossbody or have the strap doubled. I think it is the smaller duffle and maybe the smaller flap that can be? The red is gorgeous though!

  3. I can post some pics of a leather one I have if you want, but it will be tomorrow. :yes:
  4. I would love to see the pics!
  5. no problem, I will take some in the morning and post them! :tup:
  6. I have the khaki/white which is TDF! I love it!!!! I didn't think I would but I do. I have pics but no modeling pics. I put it on the shortest length and it has the pefect drop. Not too short and not too long. You have to get this bag! :tup:
  7. how long is it on the shortest length?
  8. The top of the bag hits right above my hip and I am 5'3''
  9. oooo I like that length...I am about 5'5"
  10. Okay, here are some quick pics I took this morning in my scroungy clothes :p For reference, this is the wine leather one and I am 5'10" it is on the lowest strap.. it is really nice and comfortable.. the only thing that bugs me is one the strap the folded over leather thing I can feel it and it annoys me. :yes:
  11. Fields: that bag looks GREAT on you!!!!!!!
  12. Love that bag. Trying to figure out why I took the one DH got me for Christmas back :confused1:
  13. Thank You! :yes:
  14. There's always the outlets! ;)