Large Bleecker the strap

  1. able to be doubled up to make it shorter? I think I would LOVE one of the large Bleeckers, but only if the strap can be doubled/shortened so I can carry it on my arm. Is this possible with the large duffle? TIA
  2. I don't think so.. unless you change it someway, but it doesn't come able to do that. :nogood:
  3. The only straps that can be doubled are the ones that have buckles on each side. The Large Bleecker Duffle has a dogleash clip on one side and a standard "O" ring (or whatever you call it) on the other. Sorry!!
  4. I was going to chime in but...what they said.
  5. Oh shoot! :s I'll have to rethink then. I don't have any "shoulders" to speak of, so it seems like a shoulder bag always falls down to my arm. Is the strap so long that it would be strange to carry it on your arm?:confused1:
  6. The strap is quite long and you cannot carry it on your arm for this reason.
    See pictures below.
    IMG0001_17.jpg IMG0005_5.jpg
  7. :girlsigh: Okay...:girlsigh: Thanks, LizCordova. I'll have to admire on others then 'cause I know it'll never stay on my narrow shoulder. :shame: