large black Veneta

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  1. Hello :smile:

    Longtime tPF member, but new to the BV designer forum.

    I am looking to buy a large Veneta in black. April birthday coming up, DH isn't a shopper, etc., etc. We've been together almost 20 he knows by now not to pick out anything himself. :roflmfao: I received a special order LV Damier Cabas Mezzo for my 40th last year, and I like the idea of getting another classic style bag for the memento. It's basically the only time I can get away with such a pricey bag from hubby. :p

    I have a new customer 10% code that sent me that I would love to utilize for this purchase...but they don't have that BV bag in black. :crybaby: Is BV new to, and do you feel they may carry it in the near future?

    What should I do? Do the actual Saks stores carry the black? Should I call a BV boutique (I am near South Coast Plaza) to see if they will honor the discount if I buy it directly from them? Or, is there anywhere else to buy it in the general 10% off price range? I know the classic colors don't go on sale...but I have faith in you ladies! :yes: I would like to get it somewhere that if something should go wrong with the bag, customer service would not be a problem.

    Or.... any other suggestions...please send them my way!


    On a sidenote, I am also considering a Ball in ebano, but that isn't a problem, as Saks carries it online.
  2. LOL, Bjara I'm just like you - my fave bags are often "gifted" from DH after I pick them out and buy them myself - especially after searching hard for a discount.

    I do think many Saks stores carry the Veneta - just not online. I don't know the logic but it seems NM carries Venetas and Saks carries Balls online perhaps to avoid over-saturation. I doubt BV boutiques would price-match but it's worth a try!

    Two suggestions:
    1. find out the Saks item number (someone may come along with that info - I think beauxgoris got her black Veneta from Saks??) then call Saks customer service and have them do a locator for you and have it shipped from a store. The locator service generally honors discounts - they did for me and they may just use their own 10% code so you can save your new customer code for another time!

    2. Open a Saks account, or if you already have one, upgrade to Saks MasterCard. Either comes with a 10% first-day's purchase discount that can be used if you find one in-store.

    I just got a large ebano Veneta from Bluefly for 32% off but it has a slight flaw in the lining (trying to sort that out). You might check there for a black one to come along. 90 days to return (security tag intact) - not as good as a dept store but might be worth $500... can't decide!

    Good luck!
  3. When I opened my Saks charge (and opened a account) I received a promo code for 10% off my first online purchase AND 10% off my first in store purchase. When I purchased my large Black Veneta last month it just took the 10% off automatically at the register.

    You're picking such a classic beautiful BV bag. I should know - it's the same one I chose too. EXCELLENT choice! :flowers:
  4. Thank you! I am going to call around tomorrow. By the time I got on the stick today, it was too late. :push:

    Good luck with your Ball bag...I am sure that you will get a perfect one!

  5. any saks that carries bv (i don't know if they all do) will know this bag -- you don't need an item number. i know that the saks in san francisco has a bv expert (forget her name) -- you might call her and if they don't have it, they will find it. in addition to the discount, remember that saks often has special events where, for example, you can get a gift card if you spend a certain amount. well worth it.

    regarding saks online, keep in mind that unlike nm and bg, saks doesn't maintain an online merchandise wearhouse -- all the stuff they sell online comes from their stores. which might explain why saks' online inventory isn't as plentiful.