Large black Paris Biarritz Tote available

  1. I remember someone asked about that. OK, there is one available, retailing $1475 + tax.
    You can call Jackie @ Saks Orlando at 407-376-2047. It is put on hold under my name (Joy). Good luck!
  2. There is one in the Palm Beach Gardens one too!
  3. hi guys. i was asking about the PB tote the other day.. i'm just wondering is this the older fabric.. ie. the matt one or is the newer shinier version?? i'm actually after the older version.thanks!:smile:
  4. rararara- Did you call Jackie? She told me she got a call from Australia about the silver PB tote. Indeed I returned a silver tote on Aug.23, that is the older version, but her system showed the bag was sold right away on the same day. I don't know whether the black PB she has is the newer version. It looks like Saks got new shipment?
  5. Hi, Yeah thanks, I called Jackie... i am after the older version and the one she has is the newer shinier one... If I can somehow get the older black or silver style I will be very happy... wish me luck!!!:smile:
  6. Fingers crossed for you!
  7. Hi Joyfishyu...sorry for being irrelevant on the subject but I happened to have seen a pic of you and your red classic flap below.....can you please tell me where you got it or where I can get one (I've been searching so long for one like that) Thank you so much