Large black on black Carly at Costco for $319.99!!

  1. I thought that was such a great deal for a bag that's sold out for now on coach. com. It was gorgeous! Down from $398 retail so that's a great deal! I didn't buy one, I have a big black signature coach, but I thought I should share the info.
  2. Remember, Costco is not an authorized dealer!
  3. ...besides, that seems sorta shady. don't you think?
  4. I've heard people say they've seen bags at Costco before too. How does Costco get the bags if they aren't authorized?
  5. doesnt costco sell food? :shrugs:
  6. There was the problem at Sam's Club a while ago with fake handbags, I forgot the brand. Haha.

    Your receipt is like:
    Bunch of Broccoli
    Pound of Prawns
    Cat Litter
    900 Pack of Bestsaver Kirkland Toilet Paper
    Coach Handbag

  7. ^^ lol petitemn!:smile:
  8. LOL petitemn!!

    I've seen Fendi bags (and I want to say a Coach or 2 as well) at Sam's and was like :wtf:.
  9. Just curious, who is an authorized dealer? I know Macy's and Dilliards are. What about TJ Maxx?
  10. TJ Maxx is not coach authorized. Stores like Macy's or Dillards sell their old clearanced bags to TJ Maxx when they are not able to sell them in the store. Coach isn't crazy about this - but legally they can't stop it.
  11. So how does costco and sams get them? when I saw them around christmas at sam's and they just had a ton of one style and it was packaged in that killer hard plastic stuff, you know the kind you need a chainsaw to open.
  12. lol petitemn! it is a bit ironic, doncha think?

  13. Just for the record... I have bought many, many bags at and they were all 100% authentic. I've bought everything from Ugg to Fendi to D&G. NO problems ever.

    Plus, Costco has a fantastic return policy.

    However! Sams Club HAS sold fakes in the past...
  14. ^^I agree. Costco has the most amazing return policy I've ever seen. They're awesome. They'll accept something back if it's opened, or even slightly used. No questions asked. I love my Costco membership. They have all kinds of designer clothes every now and then too *though none will fit me unfortunately*

    For the one who asked, no Costco doesn't just sell food. Costco sells electronics, jewelry, books, DVD's, cd's, clothes, furniture, outdoor stuff, food, wine, medicine, tires, travel stuff, gas..the list goes on and on. I love Costco.
  15. ^^I love Costco, too! I am actually sitting here right now printing out directions to all the nearby ones to the Mall of America so I can go to a couple of them tomorrow. :yes: Trying to figure out the shortest/best route to hit 2 Costcos, the Coach outlet in Alberville and still get home by midnight! (I'm 3.5 hours away) :p