Large black,leather GAUFFRE tote - should I buy it?

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  1. I'm popping in from the Chanel forum to ask for everyone's opinion! :smile:

    I've had terrible luck lately, with Chanel bags. I couldn't seem to find a really large, soft and mooshy, black, hobo style bag without a lot of bling. Chanel just wasn't going in that direction, except for the XL Cabas, which I'm wait-listed for.

    I haven't bought a Prada in years!... but when I saw the Gauffre tote, with the messenger strap (I instantly recognized the Gauffre, because Jill has so many... and looks so good in them. :yes:) that I immediately tried it on. It fits perfectly and has such a nice shoulder drop that will fit in the cold weather, over my heavy winter coats.

    So... what do you think? Is it the perfect bag? I feel so sad abandoning Chanel. I never thought I would go back to Prada, but the Gauffre line is so unique and special.

    Who has the large tote and what do you think? Does it stay put on your shoulder? Does anyone actually use the messenger strap and is it strong enough, if I were to use it, to hold a bag that I tend to stuff with everything, but the kitchen sink?

    I will be buying from the boutique and not the department store so I won't be able to return (I hate store credits) so I have to be 100% sure that this is the bag for me.

    TIA! :flowers:
  2. Go for it!I love mine!
  3. I think Gauffre is gorgeous and divine. To me, it's one of the prettiest -- ok -- most stunning -- bags I've seen lately. I love the "drape" of the bag and the look and feel of the leather. I don't have the tote -- just the large e/w satchel, but I LOVE it to bits. Because mine is large, I tend to carry a lot in it... I schlepped this bag all around NYC the other day for 5 hours with the strap on my shoulder, messenger style and hand-carried and had no problems. Looks delicate, but she's mighty strong.

    I saw and tried the tote many times before buying the satchel -- LOVED it, but I really had my heart set on the satchel. The tote is stunning, too.

    I vote YES!! :smile:
  4. :roflmfao: Jill, I knew you would say yes... but you buy a lot more bags than me. A lot more!!! I can't afford to make a mistake.

    I have to admit, it was seeing one of your modeling pics that made me fall in love with the bag. Those bags look like they were made for you. You're a better advertisement than the ads in the magazines. :yes:

    Do you use your Gauffres as much as you are using your Chanels, in particular the Cabas, Expandable and Soft & Chain?
  5. Thank you, Minette! I haven't looked at Prada bags in years, but this line really is stunning, isn't it?
  6. Jayne -- I really wasn't looking much at Prada for quite a while either. I saw the Guaffre line and my jaw dropped. Yep, stunning! And DOUBLE Yep about Jill -- she looks stunning with them!!

    I'm hooked. :smile: good luck with your decision!
  7. "Waves to Jayne", I'm over here "visiting" from the Chanel board too and loving the gauffre bags as well. The east west gauffre seems like a perfect size for me. I don't think Chanel has made anything that size. I think I tried on every black Chanel this past month and most were so wide that even if you could put it on your shoulder, your arm would be on a 45 degree angle since the bags were so darn deep and bulky.
  8. I use the strap all the time. I am in NYC, a lot of walking and squeezing in the crowded subway, it is a very low key and practical bag.
  9. Downtown, I agree totally with you! I think this is just one THE best "smushy" bags ever! I soooo want another one!
  10. I know! I adore Chanel, but haven't been able to find anything that is perfect. I turned down the Rock&Chain Sling, Rock&Chain Flap (gorgeous but not big enough) the large Expandable, the Cotton Club, the Soft Handle (that was a nice one but not big enough and the chain links looked half open already)...

    I hate when a shoulder bag makes my arm stick way out from me... it's my worst look. And if you put the bag behind your shoulder... it bumps into people on the subway, not that I ride the subway that often, but still...

    I'm going to re-check the hobo tomorrow. I just realized it was the hobo I love, not the tote. I should change my title of this thread!
  11. There are a variety of GAUFFRE styles..u need to try them all on and see what suits u best.
    The smaller E/W Cera gauffre is my personal fave style AND color.....
    And YES...the gauffres are my all time fave..EVEN OVER CHANELS!
  12. Yes get it!! Great choice!! I have e/w in cera and LOVE it!!! You're right..the leather is sooooooo smushy!!! It would be a great addition to your collection!! Let us know if you do!! Good luck!!
  13. ^^ I did try them. It was the hobo that instantly appealed to me. I like that slouchy u-shape.

    Totes and Hobos confuse me... I always think they are similar in shape, but I guess a Tote is more square, isn't it? :shrugs: A quick search of this forum taught me which was which.
  14. U have to get it! It's gorgeous and you will surely love it to bits! I just received one from DH and ooohhhmmyygooddd I am in Love! :P
  15. ^^ Thanks! :yes: