Large black goatskin Mabel

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I have a few questions about the Large Mabel in black Goatskin. I did some research in the search thread, but I am still unsure about the size. Some people say that the Large Mabel is longer than the Medium, and that it is the main difference between them. Do you think the Large would be a better size for work?

    Also, is the Large quite similar in width compared to the Bays? I read on the forum that sometimes the measurements on are not quite accurate.

    To those who have this bag: has it been a good purchase ? :smile:

  2. sorry i dont have one, hopefully someone will be around soon who can help you out.
  3. Hi! Yes, the large Mabel is definitely longer than the regular and it also has longer handles. It is lightweight and comfortable on the shoulder. However, it doesn't have a hidden magnet under the buckle (like reg Mabel), so opening the buckle can be frustrating. I think you could use it for work if you don't carry anything heavy, but it isn't a work horse like the Bays. I remember an SA telling me not to load it too full as it is so soft...
  4. My sponge black mabel purchased this week is the same size as my pink patent one. However, the black one has the buckle and the patent a magnetic clasp. They are both the same size and roomy.

    Unless you are looking to carry the kitchen sink - the medium is large enough imo - today I carried - long zipped round purse, oak pouch, Ipod & phone, 2 x keys, book, diary, hairbush and bits and bobs - security pass/ train pass etc. Could have fitted more in but aware of the weight/ handles.