Large black cambon tote with patent CCs???/

  1. Hi everyone I need your opinion on this bag. Do think this is a classic or will it go out of style.:confused1:
  2. i think it is a classic. i :heart: mine...its fun and i like how its all black. i love the patent cc's
  3. It's a trendy style for Chanel's standards, but it's classic enough IMO too, especially the black on black.
  4. ^^ita.
  5. i'm after the new style on this tote with the chain. i think it will be a classic, a casual classic bag but can also be glammed up
  6. I consider mine classic and wear it with everything. I never get too much unwanted attention with my black patent/black large tote, so I think that it must not be all that trendy. And it holds so much...

  7. Swanky, I agree with your comment and if Chanel did not have cambon line. It will never begin to catch my eyes :nuts:
  8. I have the black w/ white cc and I love it. It is a beautiful bag. I do not think it is too trendy. It is my first Chanel handbag.....:love:
  9. Large black cambon tote with black patent CCs? is this purse still available? I am having a hard time finding it. I love it!
  10. I have had mine for awhile now and I love it. Not too trendy at all.
  11. I have a medium tote with black CC. It is classic and can match with many different outfit and I also brought with a matching wallet also with the black CCs.. So nice.
  12. yup, they are still available. :smile: any boutique should be able to track one down you for.
  13. Hi All! I received the Large black Cambon Tote with the Patent CCs for Xmas. I also have the same question about its trendiness. I like the idea of the same bag with chains. Does it exist and where could I find it?
  14. I'm looking for this tote too...I called the 800 number today and the woman I spoke to said it's discontinued and sold out :sad:
  15. I saw one today at a Chanel store..