Large Black Betty with Gold Rings and gold lock - finders fee!

  1. Please let me know if anyone spots this bag, I'll give you a finders fee!! I don't want to go through eBay. Thanks!
  2. Was there one of these on Ann's Fabulous Finds? I remember seeing one in black that had part of the lock removed for some reason, though it was still with the bag and could be replaced????? I love these first edition Betties!
  3. mammab,
    Patent or regular leather?
  4. regular...!!

    I just emailed AFF but she's not willing to go down in price, shes asking too much for a used one :crybaby:
  5. Sorry! I just haven't seen a Betty with the mega hardware in a while, which is why I noticed that AFF one.
  6. I actually think that price is OK. They ones w/ the gold lock are discontinued and almost all the black ones w/ the gold lock are fake on eBay.

    I paid over retail for my medium black betty w/ the mega hardware (as rollergirl says :p). They were already waitlisted at bergdorfgoodman, so not a lot were available. especially in the black.

    You can probably get a cheap one if you want the one w/ the leather pull tab.
  7. Also, I got a newsletter that offers a promo discount on AFF. That could get the price down some. Love a blingy Betty!
  8. ^^^ Rollergirl, the mega hardware betty are :drool: It's not the same w/out it :love:

  9. Wordy word word!
  10. I don't have a clue which Betty had a lock??? A Paddy style one??? Anybody have a pic?
  11. The first Betty bags just had more hardware. You zipped it closed and then pushed the end into a push lock. There were rings on all the pocket zips, too. This isn't a great pic, but here's the idea.

  12. ^^^ Is that yours rollergirl?

    OMG, i'm dying.. i :heart: python betty and silverado!
  13. Oy, that is beautiful!
  14. Thanks for cluing me in! WOW - unbelievably cool. Why did they take the darn locks OFF? Gosh that is a beautiful bag!!!!!
  15. I'm swooning along with my pal D&G.... I love love love love love this bag!:heart: