Large Betty Owners

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  1. Do you use your Betty as an everyday bag or a work bag? I am a stay at home mom, so I won't be using me new Lg. Betty for work, but to carry everyday. Do you think that it's too big of a bag to carry everyday? I don't want to look silly carrying this enormous bag everyday, but I do love it!:smile:
  2. I plan to only use mine for travel. Its too heavy and bulky for me for everyday.
  3. I love it for everyday, but I love big bags!!
  4. I love big bags too. All of my bags are on the bigger side, but this one is the biggest I've gotten yet. I just don't want to carry it everyday if it looks silly, kwim? I have 4 kids and I usually end up stuffing something of theirs in my bag. I really don't have too much in it right now, but I'm sure that I can fill it up!:P
  5. i used my large betty everyday last summer, it was perfect, big enough for all our stuff (mine plus the kids) and the pockets were great for keeping it all organized. hope that helps!
  6. I don't think it would look silly at all!
  7. Oh my gosh, I have the large black patent Betty and I adore her to pieces. I use her every single day. I too am a sahm and I can not tell you how functional this bag is. I love all the pockets! Honestly, this is IMO the best bag for mom's w/kids on the go.
  8. The Betty is so versatile. I love wearing mine! :yes: