Large Bayswater has arrived!


Apr 18, 2007
After first having bought a Piccadilly and found that it was just too big and Heavy even for me (who is 179cm tall and LOVE big bags), I finally found a large Bayswater in my favourite color oak :heart:

It arrived today, and it was love at first sight; the bag was even better than I dared to hope for :smile:

The leather is gorgeous (I was a bit worried as this is NVT and not Darwin, but no problem, the quality seems to be very good even if it feels much more lightweight than the Piccadilly) and the colour has reached a really nice patina.
It also is a bit slouchy, which I love, but one can easily put a stiff bottom plate in it if necessary.
I was a bit nervous about the length and drop of the handles (as the Piccadilly was too short), but it fits very comfortably on the shoulder, even over a down jacket.

The bag is very spacious, I thougt it would be approx the same size as my Romillys, but it's way much larger.

This is definately my new favourite bag, and I will now start the hunt for a black one :biggrin:

Just had to tell you, SO happy right now :biggrin: