Large bags....a health hazard?

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  1. I saw this article on and I thought it was interesting.

    I love big bags but have not yet had any problems....maybe b-cuz I don't carry them far.
    In college I pinched a nerve because my backpack was too heavy. But that's about it

    Handbags a health hazard, women warned - Yahoo! News
  2. Two people have sent me this article so far today! I discovered the joys of shoulder pain carrying a messenger bag in law school with text books and a laptop, so there is something to this. So carry the big bag, but don't cram it full!
  3. lol I just read this and was gonna post it too. :smile:
  4. I think there was an article about this in the NY Times Sunday Styles a while back. It reminds me of when there was a local news expose on women's low waisted jeans causing them abdominal problems and wallets in men's backpockets causing back problems...

    It just screams of slow news day.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.