Large bag, any opinions?

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  1. Hello all!:heart:
    I just wanted to ask all of you guys opinions about a Large bag

    Okay.. the thing is, I always carry around tons of stuff in my bag
    and therefore, I need a BIG bag.
    I thought about getting a LV speedy 40, but I haven't seen them in real life
    that might be too huge?

    What do you guys recommend? for a Large LV everyday bag?
  2. i have the speedy 30, which is big enough for me, that i throw my whole entire flipping life into. i throw every in there, flats, lotion, wallet, sunglasses, stillettos, it is my "haul" bag.

    i suggest you getting the speedy 40, i love seeing big "lv" bags on asian women!!
  3. i really like my manhattan gm... speedy 40 is cute too. :biggrin:
  4. I have the Speedy 35, and I love it!!

    It is 'big' without being ridiculously sized:smile:

    There is a thread about Syntagma's Speedy collection on page 1...she has a pic of herself with her 35 and she looks SMOKIN!!!
  5. Try these:

    Speedy 35
    Manhattan GM
    Cabas Mezzo
    Baggy GM
    Lockit Horizontal
    Tulum GM
    Batignolles Horizontal
  6. :yes: :yes: ^^ i fav big bags are: mono 35, cabas mezzo, lockit horizontal, manhattan gm.
  7. I agree with couturegrl...if you get a 40 might be tooooooooo looks like luggage piece but the handles my be dispoportionate to its size...I have 35 also and I think it's just right..i can fit books, sweaters, over night clothes..etc. I've also used it for travelling and it's great...

    and if you get a 40 and stuff it, you might have a hard time carrying it around..heheh
  8. ^is that the 35 in your avatar??

    STUNNING!! You carry it well!!

    OK it looks so cute on you that you have inspired me to carry my mono 35 tonight!! LOL
  9. wish that I would have gotten the speedy 35 instead of the 30...I love big bags...also I own and love the Lockit Horizontal which is a great bag...roomy
  10. i have the Manhattan GM and Batignolles Horizontal, which are my biggest LV bags so far. i carry my whole life around with me, and those bags definitely hold it
  11. i love my bh too. i feel like the more i want to carry the more i would want it on my shoulder and not carrying it, kwim?
  12. I think the 40 might be too big... the 35 might be just right!
  13. :shame: aww..thanks! yes, that's my BIG baby! i love her to pieces! yay!! I'm a big advocate of big bags! looooooooove 'em! you should definitely wear yours tonight and take pics!
  14. speedy 35 sounds great (I think the speedy 40 is a bit too big, imho). You can also try the cabas mezzo, bh, or large noe (some people don't like this bag, though). And if you like damier, try the saleya gm.
  15. Wow. Thanks everyone for your input
    seriously I love this forum... too much I think hehe
    I'll look into 35, 40, BH, and caba mezzo ( i didn't even think about that one. I actually like the shape of it a lot)

    Now i go hunting for a bargain
    hate being a poor college kid :s