Large Ava Satchel....

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  1. Ok, I need some help choosing a color. Which color do you like best and why? I pre-ordered the brown, but i'm thinking I own too many brown bags, but none in this style:rolleyes:. Also the tunlock is located in different places depending on the color of the bag.
    BTW; whats your opinion on the size of this bag? TIA....

    [​IMG] [​IMG]Zoom & More Views [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  2. I :heart: them both and I will babysit either one, free of charge, anytime! ;)
  3. Love the Ava, I've been fighting the urge, but broke down today and called my SA and purchased the largest one. The one I got was in the lighter color (antelope). I really like both colors, so I'm no help there--both bags are beautiful.
    By the way, I think the turnlock is in the same place on the above bags, just one picture is of the bag slouchy and without stuffing, and I think the flap is just hanging over the top.
    I know you'll love either color. I tend to go with the same colors all the time, esp. brown.
    Where did you get yours, were they a presale??
  4. I've been eyeing off the medium Ava satchel for a while - the one with the added shoulder strap. The reason I haven't bought one is that I can't decide on the color, but the for the past week I've been thinking that the Antelope/Tan color seems a bit more special in this bag.
  5. llson: I bought the brown on pre-sale at nordies. But then I found out bloomies in SF has the tan. So I put it on hold. I think i'm going to go with the tan because I don't have a bag that color. I wonder if its a durable color or will it pick up a lot of dirt??? Thanks missnovember, I'm always looking for a good
  6. Oh Pamela, I think you just added to my confusion:P!!! That bag is gorgeous. Now what do I do. Wonder if I should get that one instead:yes:.
    I'm definately going with the antelope, which ever bag I get, it looks like a beautiful color:tup:
  7. That's the same one I got, it is the largest one, so it might be too big for some. That bag also comes in a medium, which is about 14 x 8 x 5 (approx. measurements), but the large is a little bigger. There is also a price difference too, the medium is around $1800, the large is $1940, this is before the sale discounts. They are all beautiful and great colors!!
  8. I love the style of the one on the left and the color of the one on the right. Cat's Ava is the exact example of the style/color combo I'd choose. However, Chloe makes beautiful chocolate colors so I think you made the right choice!
  9. I love Cats Ava, but I don't know if its large enough because I haven't seen it irl. This Ava is huge (I went to visit her again yesturday), which is just what I need since I'm always toting my two kids around with me!
  10. Ooh, sorry about that. I'd get the one that Cat has! Its a beauty. Or better yet, buy all 3 and decide at home which one you like best, then return your least favorite two. I agree, the antelope is beautiful!

  11. Really? Cat's bag looks small in the picture. I guess I ordered the medium. She said it was orginally $1,800. I wish I was getting it sooner, but the sale doesn't start til the 6th and she can't ship it until the sale starts so I probably won't get it til the week of the 11th. The waiting drives me nuts, lol.:nuts:

  12. I purchased both sizes of the Ava E/W satchels in Antelope,the color is absolutely beautiful IRL.
    I paid full price for the large one at SFA it retails for $1,945.00 I paid over $2,000 after taxes.
    I ordered the regular sized bag from the NM online Best Customers sale, that size retails for $1,800.00 but the sale price was $1,074.00,I paid $1,142.00 after taxes for that one.
    I can honestly say that these bags are worth every dollar I spent.

    BTW,there is only a two inches difference in the
    L-H-D of the Ava E/W satchels.

    The N/S Satchel is a nice large bag, it measures 15"Lx15"Hx6.5"D,according to the customer service rep at NM. I've been eyeing this bag too ;).
  13. The chocolate!
  14. Thanks, Cat! I guess I got the regular size since the SA said it retails for $1,800. Either way, I'm in LOVE with it;))