Large amount of 1st Time Buys????

  1. I have been experiencing large numbers of new buyers purchasing buy it now listings. My first one had some some fraudulant characteristic so I called Paypal for a word of advise. They advised me to refund their money. So I did but I was wondering...."is any other eBay seller experiencing shady buyers?"
  2. The advertising ussually brings a lot of new people to eBay....if they paid and respond to your emails (you can email them to confirm their address) I see no reason not to sell to them.
  3. yeah, and christmas is coming ! i've rarely had any trouble from a newbie, in fact they can be quicker at paying than someone who's been a member for ages
  4. If you are in the US it could also be Canadians who have been spurred on by the high Canadian dollar whereas in the past they would have avoided buying from the US... just a thought. On the news last night they said that Canada Post is experiencing delays and backlogs due to the significant increase in online shopping that Canadians are doing right now.
  5. I think its ok, a newbie won one of my auction and paid right away.
  6. I have had 4 non payers in 1 week. All buy it now (i have since ensured all of my listings have the immediate payment required on them) however 2 of the buyers were not 0 feedback and they were accounts that had been hijacked, the other 2 were complete fraudsters who even sent fake emails stating the Paypal payment had been made.
  7. I've had newbies to eBay before and they've been great. But lately I've had a large number of "yeah, I won your auction but I don't want that item any more" and now getting a large amount of newbies who aren't paying or have fraudulent paypal accounts. I've sold things for a few holiday seasons and have never experienced buyers like this.