Large Agendas

  1. Is the desk agenda the largest available? are there large vintage agendas? i need a good size agenda- i have a small coach one now and it's not doing the trick. i don't care if it snaps shut or not...
  2. I think the desk is the largest, but the large agenda that snaps is a pretty good size in my opinion.....I use the medium for work and it's actually perfect for me.....I'm not sure what you need it for, but I have a lot of stuff to keep track of for work and the medium works well, the large would be great for me too....but I need to carry it around with me all the time and the large is too big for that...
  3. thanks- i need to carry it around- I can't remember anything unless it's written down, and I need to see a week at a glance. will the medium one accomodate that need?
  4. I have an epi Myrtille Medium Agenda, and I use a Daytimers insert that has one week at a glance (they fit perfectly in the LV agenda). It works well for me, and the cost of Daytimer inserts are much less than LV inserts.

    HTH -
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