Large 8 Knots Tote at NM - presale tomorrow - around $900!

  1. Tomorrow starts the 65% off presale at NM. My SA has a large 8 Knots tote in dark grey. She thinks the sale price will scan in around $900. She couldn't scan an exact price until tomorrow.

    Neiman Marcus Tampa - 813-877-5700 x 2277 - Mary Picon is Chanel SA

    Hope someone can snag it!
  2. Do you have pix of this? TIA
  3. Nevermind, I saw the pix. Not my style! Hope someone else grab it!!!
  4. Thanks Photomj. I am really tempted. Does she have other items on sale. I want a cuff in blue/green. Also, A cambon reporter black with white .
  5. Wow great deal!!!! Like donnatrader1, I'd love to get some jewelry on sale though.. wonder if anything is left?
  6. Don't bother with this SA anymore. I sent a fellow tpf'er in there today and the SA was rude to her and said rude things about me. She also made fun of the forum in general. I say boycott Neiman Marcus Tampa! I already complained to her manager....
  7. ^ Good for you reporting her behavior to her manager.. Hope she'll learn her lesson!
  8. Wow that was rude of her. She probably got annoyed with calls about it or something. She should have been greatful for you sending business her way.
  9. This sa is a rude as they come, Icalled this store last week and she said she would call me when the pre-sale starts no calls so I called today and she said all the bags were gone. no phone call nothing and very rude on the phone as I was bothering her from doing her job. not the first bad experiance at this nm.

  10. Yep! That was me! I went in there to scope something out for MJ and the SA was very rude. She was very snooty and made rude comments about MJ and the purse forum. She does not deserve any of our businesses. :tdown:
  11. BTW, when I was there yesterday, someone had snagged the 8 knots already. She was wrapping it up for some other lady.
  12. She already bought one of the bags for herself! Never made it to the "sale" table!
  13. Thanks for the headsup on the sale photomj.

    Actually I did call NM Tampa and got a very nice SA named Josh. He told me the bag sold out but then he gave me 2 other NM locations that had the 8 Knots Tote and I promptly called the other locations and was able to secure an apparently "perfect" 8 knots tote (according to the SA).

    So not all NM SA's are terrible...
  14. Yeah, I never said all SA's were terrible. Josh is very nice. He's not a Chanel SA though. It's the other SA, Mary, that everyone has a problem dealing with. She might actually SELL a bag, if she was willing to do some work for it....
  15. Who is this woman/ she is soo rude I cannot beleive she is still working there after contiuning to speak to potential customers like that? I think she is jelous that we can afford Chanel and she is selling them not buying them! I would say instead of buycotting the store she works at, everyone should complain hopefully she will get fired