Lara Bohinc Wallet too OTT?

  1. I recently came across these Lara Bohinc Wallets and thought they were really different but wasnt sure if they are too OTT?

    What do you gals think?

    Sorry the pics arent the best!
    Snap teal.jpg P1250116.jpg bronze.jpg
  2. I really like that white one! As for OTT, it's entirely up to you! Carry what you love---life's too short.
  3. True! Thanks hun :flowers:
  4. the bronze may seem to attract more attention, but the white and teal are pretty!
    esp. the white :
  5. I love them! Not OTT
  6. Oooooh. Very Art Deco. I think they look rather delicate and classy.
  7. i kinda like the white one. i have never seen that brand before, what is the price point?

    and, um, what does ott mean?:shame:
  8. Shes a UK Jewellery/Accessories designer.

    ott means 'over the top' ie gaudy

    The Teal is 150GBP (Where is the pound sign on the keyboard? :shrugs: )
    The White is 213GBP
    The Bronze is 240GBP
  9. Thanks for your opinions everyone :heart:

    I think I'll get one :yes: They are quite unusual which I like.
  10. I like them too. They're quite unique. To me, there's something cool about pulling a really fabulous wallet out of your bag.
  11. oooh me likey the white one! The detailing on it is beautiful - love it!
  12. I agree with the Art Deco assessment. Me likey!
  13. I like the teal!