1. Does anyone have a small laptop they would recommend? By small, I mean under 4 pounds.. I know Sony has a small VAIO..are there any others? And if any of you have the VAIO..what do you think of it? Thanks:yes::yes:
  2. I love my 1 year old VAIO; I use it all the time. Bear in mind that this is my first laptop so I have nothing to compare it with except for the family PC, and I'm no computer expert. The VAIO has never given me any trouble at all, whereas most of my friends' laptops have been known to play up. I can't not recommend it I suppose!
  3. I love the Sony Vaio my and was going to replace it with the new versions.
    If you don't mind the Apple MacBook it's under 4 lbs.
  4. bump..more opinions please..
    Thanks Una and Pinki682:heart:
  5. I have a Dell 700m that's small and light but I'm not sure if it's under 4lbs. I think the newest version of the 700m is the 600m.

    I also have a nice, thin Toshiba that is for sure 2lbs and under but there are no drives (just a SD card reader, no CD drive). If you want the model, let me know
  6. I have a Dell 300m which is the original small Dell laptop and is under 2 pounds wtih a full size screen/ querty keyboard, but external drive.

    My husband has a Pansonic toughbook under 4 pounds with a dvd/rom reader drive built in. It comes with a regular size screen but because it is made of carbon fibre it is very light and a 8 hour battery life. The new ones come with dvd writers as well, the downside is the Panasonic is expensive $3000. But worth it if you travel a lot.

    The dell is smaller than the Panasonic but they both have full size querty keyboards which the sony does not have.

    If you have money to burn or can expense it..i'd go with the panasonic.
  7. I love my sony vaio, mine is just under 6 pounds, but a year and half old, so I a sure they are lighter by now.

    I abhor dell, their service is the worst ever, and no local tech places will even consider working on their machines, so I would stay away from them.
  8. Not a recommendation, but I hate hate hate my IBM Thinkpad, and would never recommend one. I've had to use them for years now because of my school, and my newest one is the worst one yet! It freezes up on me at least once a week, and it used to several times a week. A lot of my friends have the same problem, too.
  9. what do you guys think of the imac powerbook?
  10. I love my Macbook!
  11. I LOVE my mac!! it just WORKS! no messy windows, no worry about viruses at all, great customer service, all great experiences. Im fluent in Mac and PC operating systems, and Mac just takes it all for user friendliness and function. I would never reccomend anything other than a Mac!
  12. I have a powerbook and absolutely love it! There is such a difference between my powerbook and a Dell. I hate having to use the school computers (which are a Dell) because they are slow and freeze up easily and everything just takes longer.

    The only complaint I have about powerbooks (and newer Apples in general) is that they no longer have Appleworks already on the computer. Instead you have to buy it or Pages. If you get an apple, buy Appleworks. It's cheaper and much better than the other types.
  13. I had 3 VAIOs before I wised up. Get a MAC. You won't regret it.
  14. My coworker has the tiny new vaio but the tiny screen is killing her. i've had an ibook, mac book, and now the mac book pro and I love it!!!
  15. I don't know if they make one under 4 lbs but the most reliable laptop I have ever owned was an HP one.