Laptops & Coffee houses

  1. Do any of you go to starbucks to surf?

    do you think that people who do this are just doing it for attention or are they really working / studying?

    Would they not be more comfortable at home?
  2. Every now and then I go to a deli that has wireless. I work from home, all day, every day. Sometimes I just need a change of scenery.
  3. When I was a student, I'd take my laptop and books and study at my local Borders Cafe. It was a "nicer" environment than the library, less stressful and I had the option of flipping through magazines during a break. Plus I could eat!
  4. I do sometimes, it's a nice change from the same ol same ol. plus I can't make a decent cup of coffee.
  5. Yup. I'm starting to do it now that I have a Starbucks close to my school... I mainly use my laptop to charge my iPod and check my MySpace when I'm at Starbucks...
  6. I go to our local Starbucks and Panera's all the time with my laptop. I do it when our internet is down, or sometimes as simple as I want a change of pace and a good cup of coffee.
  7. not a fan of starbucks... but i often go to coffee shops with my laptop and a book every now and then. i often see other people reading, chatting, or surfing online.

  8. Same here!!!! I feel ya :yes:
    The only difference is instead of a deli, I go to a coffee house.
  9. I don't work well at home....I get too distracted by the fridge and TV! Going to a public place like a coffeeshop helps me to focus, ironically. I never use wireless though, ESPECIALLY not out in public gathering spots....too many freaks and hackers in the immediate vicinity who can break into your computer. I only use cable modem at home too. (had a HORRIBLE experience with a hacker who got in via my wireless...troubles still ongoing)
  10. I'm confused. Who possibly would be working on a laptop "for attention?" Home probably has many distractions: noisy roommates, kids, etc. Also, some people just work better in a livelier setting like a cafe.
  11. Trust me the folks here in california, its all about how they look, what they wearing, what computer they have, its all show off. Most of the time it does not look like they are even working or surfing.

    When I am working or studying, I need a quite space with no distractions.
  12. Hmm, I grew up and went to college in California and I never noticed that "it's all about" anything.

    What works for you may not work for everyone else. Maybe keep that in mind. I'm not interested in debating how one can determine whether someone is really working or surfing because frankly, it doesn't matter. If you mind your own business, you'd probably be less apt to point out what you think are pretentions.
  13. As a writer with 2 kids at home, I can truely say that working in a coffee shop on my laptop is 1000 times more productive than at home.
  14. I'm from California too...but I don't see why anyone would go to a cafe to "show off". I can understand if it was at the mall or something...but a cafe? If those people really intended to show off their laptops or whatever, then news flash to them- no one is paying attention! :lol:

    I work best at home in my room. I don't like the idea of studying/working in such an open and social place. Too distracting for me. I don't even like studying in a library!
  15. I like a change of scenery, at home, the TV tempts WAY too much.