Laptops and Totes

  1. I have a gateway loptop 15.4" and am wanting to get a tote. The bleecker Tattersall is so big that I'm afraid of getting robbed or getting it dirty. I like the gallery patent totes and also the multi function signature tote. My question is: Do any of you use the multi function diaper bag as a school bag and DO NOT HAVE ANY KIDS?
  2. This isn't a diaper bag, but I have heard a lot of people use the Legacy Slim Tote as their laptop bag.

    Personally, I can fit my laptop in my Carly, but I have the large and it's pretty darn heavy!
  3. Hi-

    Maybe I not exactly the person to ask because my computers are all under 10". I don't buy a Coach bag that I can't fit at least ONE of my computers is.

    I actually have the Bleecker Tote and on my last trip it had 3 computers in it (combined, probably the same weight as your laptop). However, if you have a 15inch that is heavy, as all Gateways are, I am not sure I would/could carry it around for a significant amount of time. If you decide to, make sure you have the actual computer in a neoprene sleeve to protect the computer since the bag has no shape or padding. This is definitely an instance where I would visit the store and walk around with the laptop in the bag before I purchases.

    However, beyond this bag there isn't another one I would really recommend for a 15" laptop besides a baby bag in terms of size.
  4. I don't personally, but I have seen and heard of several people who do. As long as there are not bottles sticking out the sides I can't imagine anyone would know it was even intended to function as a baby bag. I think that is actually why they changed the name to multi-function tote instead of baby bag.
    I think you should go for it!
  5. I've seen a multi function tote and have considered buying it as a travel/carryon bag. I also think it would be great as a computer bag b/c you can use the "diaper pad" as a cushion. Also the pockets are awesome - which is the main reason why I've considered using it as a travel bag.
    My vote is to go for it! :tup: If you do decide to get one please let us all know how it worked out.
  6. Yeah the multi function I think will work because Im afraid the tattersall will get so dirty and the whole "steal me" thing has gotten to me. Its a good idea to use the changing pad as a protectant. Thanks for your help. I still cant decide but leaning towards the multi function tote.
  7. Thanks for the thread, I want a Coach bag to carry my laptop as well! I think I want a Carly, or the Multi Func Sig Stripe Tote!
  8. The Carly is super heavy...just an FYI. Depending on how big your laptop is...
  9. Yeah, I tried em out today, AND I think I like the Mahogany leather Carly the most, either that or..... hahahaha the beet/kahki, black/kahki, choc/choc.

    So leather or canvas?
  10. The multi-function tote is great for using for work also. I also noticed some really cool bags in the guys line but not very girly looking.
  11. Yeah I like some of the guys stuff, but Id be happier with a Carly hahaha.
  12. Actually, Coach is savvy and designed the pad to be used either for babies or for computers. It is totally a multifunction tote in every sense of the word. So do not worry.

    Online they have the mini sig version if you wanted longer handles. :smile:
  13. I used the large Ergo tote in turquoise to carry all of my school things and laptop for nearly six months - and it hasn't worn beyond what I would consider normal wear and tear.
  14. Don't let the words 'diaper bag' deter you because many people use them for business/work totes and no one knows the difference.

    The Gigi is also a great bag for laptops--just get a thin sleeve to protect it and you have lots of room for other stuff, too!
  15. What about the large gallery tote? Would that be to small for the five pound laptop?