Laptops and carrying bag

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  1. Do you use a coach bag as a laptop bag, or what bag fits one and works well ?

  2. I don't carry my laptop around but I think most of the larger tote bags would fit a laptop nicely, maybe even a large carly/heritage stripe/tattersall tote? The baby bags are nice too because the changing pads are soft and act as a cushion for your laptop. If I carried my laptop a lot I would probably use one of the baby bags.
  3. Most of the larger size totes will fit a laptop, but look for ones that don't have really thin straps - I find they dig into my shoulder if I load them up too much, and a laptop will add a few pounds. I think Coach actually changed the name of the baby bags to "multifunction totes" specifically because they work so well for laptops like Tygerkitty said.

    I am using my Elisa as a school bag right now (love that bag!)- it fits my laptop in a sleeve, a couple spiral-bound notebooks, and a couple paperbacks, but just barely since it is pretty slim depth-wise. I kinda had my eye on a Gigi for this same purpose - the only issue with the Gigi and Elisa is that they are leather, which makes them heavier to begin with, so once you add the laptop... you get the idea. Esp. with the Legacy leather on the Gigi - heavy!
  4. For my MacBook, I use an older model of the coach multifunction tote - love the extra pockets and sleeves for my "brick" (powersource) and external hard drive. But that's when I'm traveling long distance. My everyday computer is a 2 lb - teeny tiny Asus EEE pc (it's smaller than a mouse pad) - I'm carrying it in my Ergo tote.
  5. i actually use my studded gallery tote sticks out just a tad, but not too bad
  6. there's a lunch tote available at the outlets that works well... my one worry is that it's not water proof, so I don't know how well it will work if I ever get caught in the rain... I don't want my bag or laptop to get damaged!
  7. I use my Gigi and the laptop sticks out the top b/c it is a 15.4" screen.
  8. I have an Alienware laptop and it's huge! It's very heavy and very wide. I wouldn't think using a Heritage Stripe tote would work well, neither does the multi-function. If I were to use a Coach product to carry my laptop, chances are that I would have to purchase something from the Men's section for my laptop:



    I love all the Men's suitcases on the Coach site, many of them would work very nicely with carrying laptops. I wish I could find one so I can buy it already. ^^;
  9. i use the scribble 07 multifunction tote for mine!
  10. I'm planning to use my Gigi tote to carry my Macbook when I travel. It seems like it will work pretty well.
  11. Never thought o that, i'll give that on a try!
  12. I use my 06 scarf print diaper bag. I love all the pockets and it has the extra long strap for when I travel. I love it!
  13. After searching for the perfect size laptop bag for months, I have finally decided that Coach just does not make a bag that meets my needs. The Gigi is beautiful and might be a good size for me, but frankly, it is out of my price range at the moment. So I think I am getting a non-Coach bag for my laptop and work/school stuff. Plus, I tend to be a little rougher with my laptop bags so its probably better that I am not getting a Coach bag! Here is the bag I think I am going to get:

    It has great reviews on multiple websites that sell it and I think Tanukiki has the same one with pink straps and said she loves it too. I figure I can at least accessorize it with Coach!
  14. good to know. also what greenpixie said about it being too heavy.