Laptop Sleeves

  1. I need a cute laptop sleeve for my Macbook. Anyone know where I could get a good one? (Preferably not black, or a solid color, but a design...)

  2. Mockinglee- I have that same one but in hot pink. I LOVE it!!!!

    I bought mine on They are always having sales so you can get it a a good price.
  3. Ebags is having 20% off today so you can get a pretty good deal.
  4. Thanks for the links! :smile:

    California Bag

    Stripes or Dots?

    Help me choose! I'm leaning more toward the second bag, but I can't decide between the dots or the stripes.

    Also, does anyone know how many inches a Macbook is? (13"?)

  5. i have that one too in orange! i love the flower. it's very cheery.
  6. I have a macbook 13". B- you should read the reviews. I also liked the striped one but there was a review that bothered me so I went with the GYM one.