laptop/school bag for law school

  1. Hi ladies,

    Its my first post since joining the forum a couple months ago. I'm a big handbag addict with a couple guccis, LVs, and a Fendi and MJ in my collection. Of all my bags though, I'm a huuge Gucci fan (the boston was what started it all for me).

    Anyway, quick question for you ladies... I'm going to be starting law school in the fall and I need a laptop/school bag. I already have a northface bag for those heavy work load days but I'm looking for something fun for an everyday kind of thing. What do you guys think of this one?
  2. Very cute! Looks like a good size, too! Check out the thread "laptop bag?" posted by luvdnotspoiled.... there are some great suggestions, and LOTS of pictures that should help!
  3. Thanks Mickalia! I appreciate the response!!! I wondered if I posted incorrectly bcs I wasn't getting any responses back :smile:

    I saw that thread and its really helpful, more choices! I was hoping to see people's reactions to the bag that I posted as a suggestion.
  4. hehe thats my situation tooo!!!!!! (as mickalia said) hehe and im now leaning towards this bag...i saw it yesterday and i think it will be the most comfy for laptop and them damn heavy books!! where are you going to school?

    but jaanice's argument is kind of convincing me to go the other direction!!! what to do what to do!!!!! :smile:
  5. Thats a cute bag too. I think I'm leaning towards either the one I posted or the gucci diaper bag that you posted in the other thread or just another shoulder tote bag... so many choices!
    I'm planning on going to Thomas Jefferson in San Diego... we'll see... I emailed them last week requesting additional scholarship money but I haven't heard back from them. I may end up just staying in DC and going to U Baltimore. So many choices!
  6. i like the 1st one posted...
  7. ohhh no really????? :sad: no fair i was really looking forward to getting the gucci messanger bag and using it as a backpack!! :'( hehe maybe ill just copy the sections i need daily ;) ;) ;) hehe my school doesssss have free printing hehe
  8. Messenger bags are really hard on the shoulders and don't fit a ton of books IMO. I'd stick to a tote instead. And OT but congrats on law school!!
  9. 1Ls listen to knshdion. As much as I love my Gucci bags, with the size of those books, you will need much more than a tote. Although my law school had lockers....still wasn't much help as all the books had to go home each night!