Laptop recommendations (in techy terms)

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  1. Hello everyone!!!

    I was hoping for some advice from someonse who understands computer terminology. I’m looking to buy a laptop ASAP to use at home for work and personal purposes. But I need to be able to run programs like Dreamweaver and Photoshop simultaneously, without any hanging (nothing is more annoying!). I will also need to transfer large files via the internet etc. But I didn’t want to spend any more than £500…Spending that much on a handbag is easily justifiable :p, but I hate spending money on technology (I’m a bit of a cheap skate when it comes to techy stuff :shame:smile:.

    Could anyone give me any recommendations on what I should be looking for? Like minimum processor speed/make, if I need to worry at all about graphics cards, how much RAM I should comfortable be looking for? I’m so not IT inclined and am getting thoroughly bamboozled by all the options. I'm getting to the point where I'm just ready to pick the shiniest and most attractive looking one :roflmfao:

    Any help would be huuuuuugely appreciated!!!!!

  2. if you want to be able to run photoshop and dreamweaver simultaneously, since both those programs are pretty demanding, i'd say get something with at least 2GHZ of processor speed. i'm not too sure about graphics cards---i think they really only come into play when you play games on your computer that have super good graphics and demand a lot from your graphics card, liek the more recent Final Fantasy games. i'm not sure at all about RAM, so you might want to ask someone else about that. But basically, if you don't want it to hang, then get something with at least 2GHZ processor speed wtih at least 1GB of memory. if you're into getting something really attractive, get the Macbook Pro, because that's the one I have right now and I abuse it all sorts of ways by using Photoshop and InDesign simultaneously all the time, and I haven't had any problems :smile:

    Bad thing is, if you want a Macbook Pro, it'll cost you a pretty penny beginning around USD$1800

    I hope this helped!
  3. Minimum 1GB RAM...2GB is preferred.

    Athlon 64 or Intel Core Duo (or higher) should be fine

    Graphics card shouldn't make a huge difference as that's mostly a concern when you want high refresh rates (ie games or heavy animation development)

    I mean, really, any mid level PC or Mac should run those programs with no problems, so don't get sucked in by a SA saying you need the super high end models.
  4. Thanks for the super quick feedback! I'm such a sucker for marketing spiel, so it's great to hear unbiased views. If some of my techy inclined friends had their way I'd be purchasing the world's next super computer :roflmfao: Thanks for breaking it down to bare bones for me!