Laptop radiation

  1. I always sit in bed with my laptop on my lap. My best friend told me to stop doing that because the laptop radiation causes infertility after prolonged exposure! I wonder how long is "prolonged." Bah, the beauty of the laptop is that I can put it in my lap!!

    Think she's right? :Push:
  2. I doubt it is a big issue...HOWEVER, I have heard that for males the heat of the laptop directly on their ... area ... can be damaging to sperm count. :smile:

    I just don't like having my laptop on my lap because of the I use the top of a TV tray (taken off the legs) if I need to work in bed.
  3. I'm with Casto. The heat is just not good for the sperm production in men but to really kill them off a guy would need to st with his laptop on his legs 24/7. So don't worry, hun :smile:
  4. Well, this is an interesting question. The laptop is not radioactive. It doesn't 'irradiate' anything but heat. HOWEVER, the transceiver for your wireless connection does put out a tiny bit of microwave radiation - just like a cell phone and, to most people's surprise, that microwave radiation is just the right frequency to soak into your soft tissue. Particularly your brain. Microwave radiation loves brains. Odd, but true. Well, in a everyman scientist sort of way.

    Many folks, health care professionals, believe that for some susceptible people (who can't be id'd beforehand) that microwave cell phone radiation will contribute to the development of brain cancer after long term skin to phone exposure.

    The epidemic of brain tumors (particularly in men) that began about the same year cell phones became widely available and moves roughly in concert with the growth of cell phones is evidence enough. But, the vast majority of people could use a cell phone their lifetime and never have an issue. Some sort of genetic predisposition is in play but we probably won't know about it for 50 years.

    Now, reproductive tissue sort of likes microwave radiation too, but I don't suppose you've got your wireless antennae too close, no? Even if it's six inches from your lap you're getting a dose that fades dramatically with distance. You probably have absolutely nothing to worry about. Probably one cross country airplane flight would give you 100x the radiation uptake of a lifetime of spending evenings with your wireless connection on your laptop. Just to get all Carl Sagan on you.

    But, she's not entirely wrong. Freakish, isn't it? :wtf:
  5. Generally, laptops don't belong in your lap, in bed sheets, on pillows or any place else where it can't dissipate its heat properly. I doubt there is any sort of significant "radiation", but the heat may be an issue that could have your laptop die on you.
  6. You are NOT going to get irradiated by your laptop.
  7. I've heard this may be an issue for infertility in men, but haven't heard anything about women. Hope it's not an issue because I'm almost 40 weeks pregnant and have been sitting with my laptop in my lap in bed for about the past 2 months!
  8. I think people used to say that about TV too -- I even remember my mom telling me not to sit too close to it (in the seventies) b/c of the radiation. Not sure if it was true or not, but I've watched a lot of tv and haven't mutated yet:smile:
  9. Lol if that is true I'm never having kids! I always sit with my laptop on my lap while I recline in bed. But I've only heard the stuff about men and sperm count too... I think we're relatively safe... maybe not as so many things become wireless in our lives, but ultimately I think we're ok.
  10. lol Thanks for the thorough explination! I love your sentence: "Microwave loves brains."
  11. Hi Vlad!

    I do not know diddley about computer care. Can you tell me what the best place for a laptop to stay is? My laptop basically lives on my bed. Should I get one of those fan-cooler thingies to put underneath it?

    Thanks! :shrugs:
  12. Yikes.
  13. I use a lap desk for my laptop when I'm in bed, I need it because my laptop heats up after a while.
  14. My friend bought a pad called LapShield (Lap Shield) which can be attached to the bottom of a laptop. The pad can block both radiation and heat.
  15. I have always worried about my laptop getting overheated, and I know that the little leg things under it are to allow heat to escape, so I always put it on a hard covered book when I put it in my lap so that I don't overheat it. It sounds good, but I am not sure if it works.