Laptop / Large Messenger Bag?

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  1. I own a 15" Powerbook, and am looking for a new lappy bag. I love the look of Bosphore and Abesses, but neither of these come big enough.

    Does anyone know of something like these that comes larger? I've been through and can't really find anything. What LV bags do you guys put your lappy into? Mine's not even a big one really.. *shrugs*
  2. Hm yea i have been looking for a laptop bag for my laptop.
    What about the Passy GM?
    Or neverful?
  3. I use the Monogram Soft Briefcase to carry my 15" Sony Vaio. I carry mine by the handles but there are designated areas to ad an optional strap.
  4. Why not try the Odessa in Taiga?
  5. I thought of the Neverfull, but I want it to be something more secure. Plus those thin straps look like they'd dig their way down into my bones with a bit of weight beneath them.. :push:

    Passy GM.. elux lists the measurements as 14.9" x 11.8" x 5.1".. not big ennough. :tdown:

    LV&Lexus, this looks great! I was hoping for something more messenger, but this briefcase-with-a-strap is a great next option..


    Thanks for the idea, Dok. This is gonna sound daft, but.. it's a bit too computer case-y.. I guess I wanted the more casual look of a Mono or Damier messenger slung across than a dedicated lappy bag.


    Any other ideas? I wonder if they'd SO me a large Bosphore..?
  6. OMG.. I am such a mong.. so I have a 15" Powerbook.. 15.2" screen diagonally, Frankie, ya wally!!! Sheesh.. and here I was wondering why it was so hard to find a bag to fit it, when one of the reasons I chose this was that it wasn't too enormous. :push:

    Actual dimensions: 1.1 in H x 13.7 in W x 9.5 in D.

    But this is good news, so back to checking everything out again! :blush:
  7. New list of bagsies that magically will now fit my 15PB after all! :blush:

    Lockit Vertical: 14.2" x 14.6" x 5.9"
    This is good news, as I love this bag and it's great to know that it'll double as a lappy bag when I want to take it around with me. :tup:


    Sac Bosphore!!!!!!!!!! 14" L x 10.2" H x 3.2" W
    Oh golly gosh, it'll fit in there absolutely perfectly!!! OMG, SO happy! :woohoo:


    Abbesses: 14.1" L x 10.6" H x 3.9" W
    This is nice, but quite plain compared to the Bosphore. I've no idea on price as it's not on elux.

    [​IMG] [​IMG];jsessionid=E0QXU5BXYN3Y2CRBXUCFAFIKEG4RAUPU?buy=0&langue=en_US
  8. I have the Damier Geant Messenger bag and I love it. There's even a dedicated protective thingy inside for laptops.
  9. Those bags look great, but I think I want a monogram one. Also (and this is odd) despite not minding having LV endlessly repeated all over mono canvas, the giant "Louis Vuitton" emblazoned across the Geant somehow bugs me..

  10. ^ I would reccomend you this Damier Geant bag it has special removable compartment for laptop!! IRL 'Louis Vuitton' logo is not so visible...
  11. I agree. I think it's more subtle in person and the special protective compartment for laptop is great. See it for yourself when you to the LV store, you might just fall in love :p. I have it in Terre.
  12. Lockit Vertical is lovely.
  13. I think you're better off with the sac bosphore or the damier geant messenger bag; you could ruin your laptop if you keep it in the Lockit Vertical. If you want something that can double as a laptop bag and purse, you should consider something that you can fit your computer horizontaly like the cabas mezzo or the new palermo that's coming out this fall (:drool:). Use a protective sleeve on your computer to keep it cushioned, too, if you decide to keep your computer in a purse. ;)
  14. I have one of those protective sleeves, and was really wanting a bag to use when I'm just taking it into work and back. I have a 'proper' laptop bag that I use when travelling, but was kind of after a more bag-like version to use when it's not likely to need so much protection - just a ride in the car, or on my shoulder for a bit.

    I just realised the Lockit Vertical won't fit it, as the edges are curved and look like they are lower at the sides than the 0.5" clearance I'd have at the top. The Lockit Horizontal would, though - it's 17.3" x 12.2" x 5.1". Oh, and gorgeous. :love: This would sort of work out well anyway, as I love both the Batignolles Vertical and the Lockit V, but didn't want two both the same shape. The Lockit H is better looking to me than the BH.


    Moko and Mcbg, I'll check it out when I'm at LV this Saturday. I went back and found the Terre and Sable colours on elux and much prefer those.. the Sable especially seemed much more subtle, and both looked great with the vachetta leather edging that the black doesn't have.
  15. Found more pics of the Sac Bosphore being carried!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I also just found this, the Damier Bastille. It looks enormous, like a larger version of Abesses GM, though maybe it's the print. Neat messenger, but perhaps a bit heavy and mannish looking for me to carry.


    Pics of the Soft Briefcase.. gosh it's gorgeous. :tender:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]