laptop in YSL o/s muse

  1. i'm on the verge of buying an ivory YSL O/s muse. just need to save up a little more for it! :p

    i tried on both the large and the o/s and decided the o/s looks better on me,even tho' it's HUGE! i've asked the SAs in YSL several times on various occasions re. putting my macbook in the muse.

    they assured me that there should be no problem.

    has anyone here had any problems with putting a laptop in ur o/s muse?

  2. what size is the macbook? I put my 13 inch one in my oversized muse all the time.

    be warned though that the weight definitely makes the bottom sag and contributes to the bag getting floppier. to me, that's a great thing because I love that look. but if you want your muse to remain structured, don't put the laptop in it.
  3. I have a 12.1 inch laptop inside a padded notebook sleeve and both fits into my large muse. A little tight but still looks good when carried. So the oversize muse should be fine unless your laptop is pretty large.
  4. I own the Oversize Muse, and I think that TWO laptops would fit in it, lol! :nuts: Seriously, its that big.

    Honestly, though, I'm not a fan of carrying laptops around in high-end designer bags. I think it can ruin the look and cause undue damage on the bag. Just my opinion.:shrugs:
  5. A friend of mine also asked me the same question, because SA in YSL said it's okay to carry a laptop in OS Muse.

    In my opinion, I don't recommend it and feel it will make the bottom sag. In the long run, it might end up damaging the shape of the bag.
  6. thanks everyone! my macbook is the smaller one - i believe that's 13 inches?

    i also worry about the sagging at the bottom cos it seems like it will happen if too much is loaded in the muse.

    would I be able to prevent tt by putting a cardboard of some sort at the base, like what some ppl do to the LV speedy to prevent the sagging?
  7. I would not recommend carrying a laptop or books in any high end designer bag. They aren't made for that weight/bulk.
  8. I have a large Muse and probably wouldn't attempt carrying a laptop around in it - it looks best with the structured bottom.

    On the other hand (and not to steer you toward another bag purchase, lol), I think the Downtown would be a great bag to carry a laptop. It's much slouchier and much less structured than the Muse - the bottom is designed to sag anyway!
  9. isadora, there is one on Bluefly right now.

    Note: Bluefly often labeled the sizes incorrect, regular price for OS is $1395.