Laptop in Longchamp La Pliage?

  1. Do you need a padded case for the laptop - will it get bumped around? Are those bags very thin (they look it, and I've never actually gone and tried one out...)

    Does anyone carry a laptop in theirs?

  2. Yes I use this as my laptop bag. I had a real laptop bag before I got the Lepliage, and it had a laptop sleeve in it, so I removed it and use it for my Lepliage now. I would recommend getting one of these because the bag is pretty thin and may not offer enough protection for the laptop. Also it keeps the shape more.
  3. I know a few people who use the large one for their laptops..I did when I went to school. You should def. though get a padded sleeve for it since it probably won't be the only thing in your bag.
  4. for laptop... padded one is better because it protects the laptop but if you wanna know if the bag can hold the laptop well, it can!
    i carried my laptop plus many other things when i had no more luggages to carry the many things that i had to on board a flight and e bag turned out unharmed.
    i carried it around for more than 17hrs.
    but one thing though, the thin handle straps sometimes makes it alittle uncomfortable to carry should the bag turn heavy.
    hope tis helps =)