Laptop in a Noe?

  1. Hi ladies

    I am going to Dubai end of this year and plan to buy my first LV - a Noe (Azur or Epi depending on the colour).

    My plan is to use it primarily as a work bag - that means a wallet, keys, 2 mobile phones, sunglasses case, spectacles case, a shawl or cardi (in winter), an umbrella (in winter) and on occasion my laptop/mouse/power cords.

    Do you think the Noe will fit all these things without extreme sagging? Anyone ever carried a laptop in their Noe? Does the bag still hold that dome like shape when the ties are fastened when its carrying a laptop et al?

    What do you think - if you have some pics, care to share??

  2. it will definitely hold all those things. i don't know about putting a laptop in there, although it definitely fit. it just might get too heavy to carry if you have the laptop in it.
  3. I don't know that you'd be able to cinch it if you put one in there. As Sophiae said though, you'd be able to put the other things in there.
  4. Hrm... I wouldn't recommend the noe - you should get something padded for your lappie.
  5. Definitely you can fit all those things...laptop, not sure. Unless you have a streamlined model...I can fit my laptop in my noe (just testing to see how big the noe was), but I don't like keeping computers in my bags. However, I can't tie the drawstring when I have my laptop inside, and I can only put it in there vertically (again, not a good recommendation as laptops are more likely to get damaged this way...).
  6. thanks for the feedback everyone!!

    I should have mentioned that if I buy a Noe and put my laptop,mouse etc in it, it will only be to/from office carpark and office, and to/from apartment carpark and apartment. And thats not even every week. Most days my laptop stays at work.

    Occasionally I have to work out of another office which is about 30mins walk from my home,and during this time I would carry the laptop in the Noe.

    But it definitely wouldnt stay in the Noe all the time, just time to time.....still think not a good idea?
  7. :sad: I still don't think it's a good idea...I think an abbesses (which is an actual laptop bag) or a cabas mezzo would be better (wider than the noe, so you can insert your bag horizontally instead of vertically).

    I think noes are great to hold files and books...just not computers. :sweatdrop: