Laptop cooling pads

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  1. Does anyone use a cooling pad under their laptop?
    My HP laptop has been overheating and I'm looking to buy one but I'm not sure how effective they are...

    Let me know!
  2. my hp has been overheating too....
  3. I had an HP laptop that was awful w/ overheating and would actually smell like it was burning. I used a laptop cooling pad and it helped. I got it at Target, I think.

    Also, I used Notebook Hardware Control to monitor temperature as well and still use it on my Dell laptop b/c it is just kind of cool:
  4. My MacBook Pro gets pretty hot when I have a bunch of graphics/memory hog programs open. I did some research on coolers and if the laptop doesn't have fans on the bottom, the cooler is useless. Also, the USB powered ones actually raise the temperature and are self-defeating.

    I have a cooling pad that is used for people. It is something you can sit on or put behind your back. It is full of crystals and activates with slight pressure. Sometimes I put this on my lap in between me and the computer. It does a good job of drawing the heat from the computer. I wonder why I have not seen this type of "cooler" available anywhere.

    I am looking forward to reading more posts about cooling devices.
  5. That is the kind I had and I thought it would do the same thing b/c it was drawing power. :shrugs:But, w/ the temperature monitor program I could see that the temperature of the machine dropped significantly w/ the use of the pad- about 15 degrees on average, sometimes more.
  6. I have a friend who uses a raised baking tray which is bigger than the laptop.
    It works quite well.
  7. i need to get one of these because apparently my fan died?? ugh i hate computers
  8. ^You are able to get your fan replaced. I don't think it costs too much but I plan on buying a cooling pad tonight..unfortunately they cost about $40.....yuck.
  9. Some are better than others. I use one with my laptop religiously because it's a POC and also has overheating issues. It has a built in fan that is USB powered the surface is concave, allowing air to flow between the pad and the laptop, further cooling it down.
  10. i used it...SOMETIMES..;)