Laptop computer bag suggestions?

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  1. Which bags can you carry a 14.1 laptop computer without damaging the Coach bag handles from the weight?
  2. Old style Legacy non-lined computer bags work... or the nylon mens transatlantic line.
  3. bunnymasseuse, thanks for suggestions. I was trying to use my Totes but they could not handle the weight after long term use. But laptop looked so stylish in them:biggrin:

  4. I carry my work laptop in this:


    It just slides right in longways. I hate having to take the laptop bag with me. The straps on this is thicker than my other Coach totes. I don't think my other totes can support the weight.
  5. I have a 13" MacBook, so mine's a little smaller, but I rotate several bags as work/laptop bags. Thompson Hobo, Legacy Pocket Tote (the original "Brooklyn"), Hamptons Business tote with the legacy stripe laptop sleeve, and if the weather is bad - Denim Convertible Signature Stripe. I can actually fit my laptop in my large Maggie, but the weight worries me a little.
    Good luck finding something that works for you!
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    I use an older transatlantic multifunction tote for my laptop, which is that size. All the transatlantic multifunction totes are virtually indestructible (originally made for business use) and they are timelessly stylish to boot :tup:

    I am thinking about getting a laptop sleeve from the current Coach site just because, though. You can always use extra protection for your laptop, even inside your laptop bag, and maybe, JUST MAYBE, I will get a Poppy one - it would definitely be a change of pace for me!

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  7. I would suggest the madison magazine tote.
  8. i love all the suggestions here .
  9. Legacy stripe laptop sleeve? Whaaat?? I need one!
  10. Not sure if you are interested, but last night at the outlet I saw a couple of the mff messenger bags and the multifunction totes in the signature and the heritage stripe. Those would work.
    I have a hs multifunction tote that I use and I love it. I got it quite some time ago and it's held up very well. That's the only thing I've ever put my laptops in though. Hope this helps.
  11. ^^^ I like her suggestion. Outlet run! :happydance:
  12. An old-timey Peyton might work. How big is a 14.1? (sorry, am so not tech savvy)
  13. I'm getting a Glam tote for my 13.1 inch Macbook Pro, my laptop and charger weigh as much if not a little less than what I need with me daily. I was looking at Heritage Stripe totes as well though.
  14. I use the transatlantic line diaper bag for my 12 inch laptop. I like the extra pockets and I like to use it messenger style. HTH.
  15. I used to use a Hamptons Baby/Multifunction from 03' for my 15" laptop where the baby fold out goes from the MFF nylon line... and that worked well for me.