Laptop Codes?

  1. I'm looking to buy the BF a cheap laptop for Christmas ... anyone have any codes for Dell, HP, etc? I know there will be stuff after thanksgiving, but I didn't know if there was anything around now.
  2. There are always laptop sales going on. What in particular are you looking for (price/specs)? I know computers decently! Contact me!
  3. or often have coupon codes for various electronics.
  4. We're looking for something under $500-600 (his mom & I are splitting it), but don't care about brand or specs really. He has a desktop that's all decked out and he burns dvds on all the time, so just something he can be online with/do homework on while his desktop is occupied. I'd like to get an Athlon or Pentium processor instead of Celeron/Sempron, but if it's not in the price range, it's not that important.

    There were a few at Office Depot I saw in todays paper, and one on, I would just rather not mess with all of the Black Friday crowds and get it over with before then!
  5. Not sure if you have Fujitsu Siemens over there, but the Amilo serier is inexpensive, and really good. My father works with them, and he gave me one last year, which is amazing! Never had any trouble and the design is hot as well:yahoo:

    In Norway they start at ca $100 and go up to around $500, but event the cheaper ones are good.

    Good luck (and good idea for a present, really nice! Figured I'd buy a LV Dersou for my bf..)