Laptop Case!!!???!!!

  1. I just received my new 17 inch Apple Macbook Pro and discovered that it was too large for my existing briefcase, A Bronze Louis Vuitton Vernis "Vandam".

    I absolutely love the thing, but now I need to replace it with something that will properly house the new laptop. Are there any suggestions? I am open to pretty much any designer, but I would prefer not having to downgrade - So the price is not important.

    If you have any suggestions at all, they are EXTREMELY appreciated!
  2. I would get a plain black sleeve/skin to protect the macbook, then place that into a bag that will hold the entire thing. This way you have the computer protected and can carry it in any bag.
    (This has been my solution as every new laptop purchase brings on this question).
    Enjoy the new laptop! I am a recent convert from dell to mackbook/black.
  3. Several that have 17" screens have used the Lockit Horizontal.
  4. agree lockit horizontal !!!:tup:
  5. I suggest:

    -Taiga Kasbek GM
    -Sabana Laptop Case