laptop case/sleeve


goddess of suburbia
Dec 20, 2006
i have recently bit the bullet and went back to uni, i bought a small, not too expensive hp computer (about 30 cms in lenght) which i either carry in a (not funky at all) back pack where it has a padded pocket, i am on the hunt for a laptop case for when i don't need to be lugging the backpack and that would allow me to put the laptop into my longchamp le pliage...
...any suggestions?


Dec 2, 2011
I have been through many recently since I keep changing computers at work! The cheapest and thinnest one I use on my Macbook Air comes from Crumpler, it is basically a neoprene skin and very sleek. They make them in bigger sizes.

I also got a DVF one when I had a 15" laptop. It looked amazing and said it was supposed to be for 15" but it didn't quite zip around which was REALLY annoying. I got it at a sample sale so didn't care that much but the moral of the story is - carry your laptop with you when buying a sleeve.

I have this Rebecca Minkoff which I got from her sample sale when they switched me to a 13" laptop. It has padding and a pocket to carry small things and I love it. It also has a strap so when I can't fit it into my bag, or if my bag is just too heavy, I can carry it on its own. I love it